Today my family and I went to support my stepdad’s basketball team. They in the finals to trail up to the relationship. It was a long day, but all worth it. They won and now are a step closer to the “ship.” Nice day of family time.
my little sister, my everything<3
Exxon messed up on there price. When it’s really $3.39.  Gas prices smh
Wanted to take shots of the team, but I left camera in the car. Forgetful me.

Couple days back

I just bought a Nikon Coolpix L110 not to long ago and decided to try this thing out. I’m a beginner so please bare with me lol. The camera is not as advanced as what I would like, but hey it was in my price range. I hope to later on upgrade to a better one. But my L110 is good for starters.


So I’ve been putting off for a while now. But I’ve finally decided to start up a blog. I wouldn’t dedicate it to anything. It’s about me, my life, my day-to-day experiences. I do have a love for fashion so you may get some of that. I have recently purchased my first Nikon so I’ve been really picture happy. Yes, I am a beginner.. so bare with me. Expect a lot of photos.

Oh yeah, my name is Ashley btw, nice to meet you :-*

Never Fashion Sober