Book Binge is back, and bringing you a new book that is worth the read! This book we’re about to share, is of great inspiration for the everyday entrepreneurial, powerful and independent woman. We’re going to introduce to you a book that I have recently turned to for motivation and all things business. Not only is it motivational, but it is eye opening any woman’s life. I started reading it a few nights ago, and I am almost halfway through the book.


I now give you, #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso! Sophia is the Founder and CEO of Nasty Gal, a $100 million plus online retailer, that has become a fashion empire over the past few years. Within this book, Sophia shares her success story on how she developed her business, followed by a guide on how to be your own #GIRLBOSS. Sophia considers a #GIRLBOSS to be woman that takes control of her life, taking chances and responsibility on her own terms. This book is perfect for the go-getters, believers, and dreamers, who are looking to grab life by the horns.

IMG_9504 copy

Just 92 pages in, I am already touched and motivated to take control of my life. Sophia’s story isn’t your average success story that happened over night. From rags to riches, Sophia has been able to live her dream, and become a role model for women and young girls around the world. #GIRLBOSS is not only a game changer, it is also filled with such humor. Sophia’s humor enhances the book, which keeps the pages turning. As #GIRLBOSS remains number one on my “must read” list, I believe it is a book that all women will enjoy. No matter what place in life you are or where you come from, #GIRLBOSS will make you look at life from a different perspective! By the end of this book, you’ll be your own #GIRLBOSS!

You can purchase #GIRLBOSS at your local bookstore, or the universal library of Amazon!

This post is not sponsored, but simply done based on an observation. It includes my personal experience and opinion of the book.

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