Fall is here, and winter is trailing quickly behind! Ready or not, the cold weather has had no problem in showing it’s true colors. As the temperature drops, it’s best that we are prepared for the weather to come. From wind storms, to rainy and old nights, we must be prepared at all times. In hopes of helping you get ready, Fashion Expert, Diane Pollack has come by for another segment of Wardrobe Overhaul! She will be helping me, in giving you a few essentials and trends that are great to have in your wardrobe for these cold seasons.


A very important part of your body to keep warm in this freeeezing weather, is your neck. Turtlenecks have been around for years, and are suddenly coming back in style. They are great elements to incorporate within your wardrobe. You can accessorize them, by adding a statement piece necklace or unique patterned scarf. Thin turtlenecks are great layering pieces to wear underneath those big winter coats. If you’re not into layering, you could choose a thick sweater turtleneck, that will keep you just as warm and stylish!

Speaking of layering, as the temperature drops it is a convenient aspect to consider while getting dress. This doesn’t include specific garments, but there are a lot of techniques to use when layering this fall and winter. You can layer tops with a cozy cardigan or blazer, underneath your favorite fall/winter coat. Any garment in your closet can be used when layering. The key is to have fun with it!  You can layer different patterns, colors, and textures. You’ll be trendy and warm all at the same time!

It’s time to put those open toe heels away, and pull out your best closed-toe heels. A great pair of closed-toe heels to have, are T-strap heels. You’ve gotta have the right shoes for cold weather and all the holiday festivities. It’s easy to keep it classy in a pair of t-straps no matter where you  go. T-strap heels are great with a little black dress, tailored pants or even jeans. You can dress them up or down, depending on how you’re feeling.
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Weatherproof coats are the number one essentials of the cold seasons. Winter time can get cold and nasty, and you want to be beyond prepared. Make sure you are covered up and kept warm when the temperature drops. There are many weatherproof coats to fit different styles; trench coats, peacoats, ponchos, and even parkas. Parkas are the a must-have for fashionistas this season. They are comfortable, trending  & express utilitarian style.

Leather has been around for centuries, and seems to never go out of style. I believe every girl should at least have one leather item in her closet, just to add a little edginess to her wardrobe. Whether it be a shirt with minor leather detailing, or even a simple leather jacket, it creates a great statement for throughout the year. The durable material lasts long, and provides a thick layering to keep warm in the cold seasons.

Plaid seems to be the pattern of the season! From plaid pleaded skirts, to flannel shirts tied around the waist, fashionistas are adding plaid in to every aspect of their outfit. Plaid is no longer for school girls, it is being used in high fashion, being seen all over the runways. You can make it fun, by playing with different variations of the patterns, as well as colors and styles.

This is the best time of the year to try the latest trend of wearing oversized clothing. Designers and fashion enthusiasts are taking oversize to a whole new level. Taking on slotchy pants, overly comfortable ponchos, and thick, bulky sweaters, they’re doing it all! Oversized garments are great to layer and wear individually. Either way worn, I promise you’ll be warm and in style for sure!
 No matter your taste or style, each of these trendy essentials can come in handing for this season, and winter to come. When going fall/winter shopping, it’s great to keep this list in mind to be prepared!
What trendy essentials do you think are convenient for this season? Feel free to share. We’d love to know what’s on your list!

This post features:

Diane Pollack
Wardrobe Consultant & Personal Shopper
Diane had a career as a women’s clothing designer for over twenty years. Now, she helps women in NYC to dress their best and feel empowered with her company Stylempower.


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