As we prep our wardrobes and get ready for the cold weather to take it’s course, fashionistas everywhere are contemplating  what trends to try this fall! To save you some time, I have put together a list of some key fall trends! To make it more fun, Fashion Illustrator Ellie Rahim incorporated sketches of each selected trend!

unnamed (2)

As the weather begins to change, we prepare to pull out our fall coats. Many of us may go all out as to purchase a coat for the cool season. If your at a loss as to what type of outwear to pick up this season, check out  the Poncho. Ponchos keep you warm and comfy, in style. Flared out like a cape, they can be dressed up or down for the appropriate occasion. This trendy piece can turn your look from cute to classy; it’s easy to coordinate with your wardrobe.

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Knits on knits on knits! What’s cold weather without a good knit sweater? No matter the time of year nor seasons, knits are in year ’round! This summer, we were able to rock knit crop tops and other fun summer garments, but yet we still seem to not have had a enough. This season, knits after knits are trending, from bulky knit sweaters, to knit skirts and cardigans, knits are out there.  Fashionistas are even wearing knits all over to stay warm and fashionable. If you’re a rookie to this trend, you could start off with a simple knit sweater and joggers.

unnamed (1)

To spice up your style, you can even try a knit with tassels, or simply play with the tassel trend. Like knits, tassels can be worn anytime, no matter the weather outdoors. This fall, we are seeing tassels on boots, bags, shirts and even belts. Tassels are fun, flirty, and give a tribal vibe to your look. Whether bohemian or chic, tassels can go with any style you portray!

unnamed (4)

My personal favorite trend that never goes out of fashion, is animal print. Each year, a new exotic print is used in designer collections. This season we tend to see a lot of leopard, giraffe, and snake print. Any animal print of your choice, adds a sexy appeal to your looks. Wearing a pair of animal print boots, skirt, or top, you’ll be the talk of the town. If you’re not ready to take on a bold statement like animal print, you could start off small by implementing small print accessories into your look. Maybe you could add a pair of leopard shades or a snake skin clutch, which ever accessory fits you. Don’t be afraid to take a fashion risk!


Last but not least, is the geometric trend! Geometric patterns have been in fashion for decades, portrayed in garments around the world. Remaining in style, designers have incorporated geometric trends in to their collections, adding bright colors and uniquely cut silhouettes. What makes the pattern stand out the most, is the illusion it creates on the garment. Creating a fun and playful feel, fashionistas enjoy wearing geometric patterns. If you want to make a style statement this Fall, this trend is the way to go!

This post features:

 Ellie Rahim
 Fashion Illustrator
London born Ellie Rahim has extensive  experience designing and illustrating for    manufacturers in the home decor,       tabletop, giftware and paper product    industries. Since relocating to New York  City in 2007, Ellie has pursued studies in fashion and lifestyle illustration at the Fashion Institute of Technology and attends regular life drawing sessions at the Society of Illustrators. She is passionate about New York City, art, fashion, design, history, architecture, fitness and all things creative and stylish!


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