Inspiration can come from any and everywhere, when you least expect it. This morning I had a conversation with my neighbor that motivated and encouraged me to work harder towards my dreams. She was telling me about her sister and how she has recently received her first celebrity client, as a Hair Stylist. My neighbor was sharing the ups and downs her sister had to go through, as well as how hard she worked to get where she is today. There were a few things that stuck out to me during our conversation.

One thing my neighbor mentioned, was as her sister was working towards her goals, she went through the stages of building her brand and business. Facing struggles, continuing to learn, and eventually taking that giant risk to start a business, were all apart of her journey. She has overcome many obstacles, and didn’t let them stop her from reaching her dreams. Working for a hair company for many years, she unexpectedly lost her job. Although without a job, she didn’t let that get her down. My neighbor’s sister got back on her feet, and worked towards starting a business. Using the money she saved from working, she invested in her business, which she believed could take off. No matter what struggles or situations we face, you should never give up. Your struggles are only temporary stepping stones to get to where you want to be.

In reference to continuing to learn, my neighbors sister never stopped increasing her knowledge in cosmetology. No matter where she was, she made sure that she was enrolled in classes to increase her knowledge in her field. It’s important to continuing learning, even after you have finished school. Once you think you have learned all that you could, that means you have so much more to learn. Keep striving to expand your knowledge, whether if be a short class, book, or taking on a mentor. Expanding knowledge is the key to success!

All in all, my neighbor’s sister has definitely worked hard to get where she is today; it has all paid off. It’s awesome to hear about someone’s success story, and how they have worked towards their dream. Sometimes we see those who are living there dreams, and assume they easily got there. When in fact, it takes long hard work, that pays off in the long run. We may not see it now, or as we are in moment, but it will show over time.

This week, I encourage all of you do at least do one thing that works towards your goals. No matter how busy you are, or how small the task is, just dedicate your time to doing that one thing. If you do this everyday or even every week, I guarantee you will see things happen. Keep the mindset that you ARE getting closer your dreams, with every step of the way. My task for this coming week (since it is the weekend), is to apply for a passport. Although a small task, it is working towards my dream of studying abroad in London.


What are your goals or task(s) you aspire to complete this week? I’d love to hear! Feel free to share your goals and aspirations!


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