I hope you’ve all enjoyed these pass few months of summer. As we prepare to wrap up summer vacation, and students go back to school, we must also adjust our wardrobe for the cold seasons to come. Most of us have tons of summer pieces in our wardrobe that we would like to wear just a little longer. Others may have trends that they have yet to try this season, that they still would like to wear.

Don’t let those cloudy days and rainy nights of fall hold you back this season from continuing to wear, or try your favorite fashion element. I’m here to provide you with a few tips and tricks on how to transition your summer wardrobe and trends over into the fall season.

The first trend that a lot of fashionistas have hopped on this season, and I know we all have at least one garment with this pattern in our closet, is florals. Whether it be tropical, roses, or any form of floral prints, this tends to that one floral garment hanging on the back of your door, waiting to be worn.


Florals are not only for hot summery days, they can be worn in the cool too. Just tone the look down to give it the fall-esque feel, by adding warm and neutral colors, such as blacks, browns, grays, olives and plums. My favorite element to use to tone down florals are dark denims. You could wear a simple floral skirt, with a dark denim button up on top, and you have a cute fall look. You could also layer with light weight cover-ups and leather jackets, for those who may be in windy cities.

Every girl loves her crop top! I know I do, and would love to be able to wear them year round. I would only recommend to wear them in the early fall season, while it’s still a little warm. As it gets colder, you don’t want to end up with the flu or pneumonia. In continuing to wear your crop top this fall, be sure to LAYER LAYER LAYER.


You could wear a denim jacket/button up over it, followed by a leather jacket (if it’s that cold in your city). You can layer with any item you’d like, whether it be your favorite trench, anorak, or rain coat. Although as it gets colder, there are other ways to implement the crop shirt trend. A lot of retailers and designers are releasing crop sweaters, hoodies, and long-sleeves tees that can be worn throughout winter.


Now for shorts! Shorts are looked at as a garment that is only for warm weather. Little do some know, you can wear shorts throughout the year. As the weather drops, adding hosiery makes it simple to wear shorts, keeping you warm and cozy. To have a little fun with it, add a pair of thigh-high socks, or even ripped tights.


Rompers are forever trending, whether they are pants, shorts, or skirts. Rompers can also be worn in any season. The same tips for wearing shorts in the fall , can be used when wearing shorts and skirt rompers. Just because it’s fall, doesn’t mean the romper trend ends. Rompers have transitioned over to jumpsuits, incorporating trousers and a sleeved top into one piece. Jumpsuits allow you to wear the one piece trend throughout the cold and windy weather.


Last but not least, is open toe heels. If you’re like me, you don’t care how cold it is, you will wear a pair of open toe heels, whenever, and wherever. If you’re a little nervous about freezing your toes off, you can try a new funky trend. Currently trending is wearing socks with open toe heels. Whether it be your favorite pair of ankle strap or peek-toe heels, socks will make it easier to wear them in the fall. Some, like myself, may be afraid to step outside the box and try this trend. For those who aren’t, you can have fun with it by adding bright colored, patterned, or ruffled socks.

I hope these tips were useful for you when preparing your looks for this fall. If you have any summer to fall transitioning tips, we’d love to hear what you got! Feel free to leave your trends, tips, and even looks in the comments below!

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