ontheprowlSince giving birth to baby, North West, Kim Kardashian has bounced back in to shape, and remained in the fashion lime light. Although Kim is now a mommy, don’t let the title fool you, she still rocks the streets of Cali strictly in style. The Paparazzi never catch her slipping when when it comes to fashion. Now with new addition, baby North on her hip, she keeps North styled to a T as well.


No matter where they go, the new mommy-daughter pair wear their best.  Recently, the two were seen walking down the streets of San Diego in matching denim outfits. Kim wore a denim button up and denim pencil skirt, followed by nude ankle strapped heels. Her adorable thirteenth month old, rocked a white tank, with ripped denim jeans and black tennis shoes.

Kim Kardashian out and about with baby North West in NYC

In another cute matching look, Kim and North West are spotted in a casual gray all-over look. North West sports a gray zip-up hoodie, as mommy Kim wears a matching v-neck tee, jeans, and nude pointed toe heels.

Kim Kardashian takes baby North West to the Givenchy store in Paris

Last but not least, the forever glamorous pair is seen in darker hues, yet still running the street of Cali. Kim is wearing a black pencil skirt and khaki colored tee, topped off with a pair of black strappy heels. North West looks just as dashing in an all black dress and tights, to match with her fashionable mother.

North West is the hottest tot in town! Just like her mother, she remains high fashion. I don’t know about you all, but North West has stole my heart. Can’t wait to watch as little North grows up and her style evolves!

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