mens style cornerVogue Binge is bringing you a new style segment this summer, catering to all the male fashion enthusiasts out there! Helping us introduce the new segment, is Wardrobe Stylist and Fashion Blogger, Earnesto Martinez. With his unique sense of style and fashion expertise, Earnesto will be sharing the 411 on the  male trends of this summer!


As the summer season begins, there are a lot of trends provided less, but knowing me, I’m not known for wearing shorts and t-shirts for the summer. Luckily as the summer trends land, I’m able to wear classic pieces, but dress them down. Today, I try to do three trends in one, with a twist of street style from the male point of view. The three trends I used in my look are the double-breasted silhouette, floral, and men jewelry.


The double-breasted blazer is something you can wear during the summer, because it is versatile in dressing up, and toning down.


Floral is every fashion lover’s favorite, because it’s playful and fun! The pattern gives you that vacation vibe, and a more relaxed style to be comfortable in for everyday wear.


Last but not least, is the men jewelry. Men jewelry is used to enhance the entire outfit, giving that extra ‘umph‘ to make that style more exciting.

With limited trends for men this summer, there aren’t many styles to choose. I hope I have been of some help in deciding on how to add your own twist to this season’s trends!

This post was written by: 

 Earnesto Martinez
 Wardrobe Stylist & Fashion Blogger 
I was given the vision to have an eye  for what looks good on people, so I  utilize it to pick a wardrobe  for  them.  Also, I maintain a men’s fashion blog, where we go far beyond the creativity of fashion and photography.

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