This week on “Women Making A Difference,” we will be introducing you to a young woman who’s brand is as big as her heart. With a passion for helping and inspiring others, she takes on the role as a Motivational Speaker and Philanthropist. Changing lives through her platform, she has spoken out and donated to organizations such as, Safe Women and Children shelters, foster care agencies, nursing homes, and many others.  This advocate works to help others “build their own greater,” and better life for themselves. Meet Keidra Head, the amazing woman behind Product2All!


The inspiration behind Product2All..

 “Product2all is the name of my brand. I wanted to separate my name from the empowerment, because although I’m directly linked to it, I wanted people to be inspired by what Product2all does, instead of who Keidra Head is. I’m just the messenger, I’m the interceder between your greater and your battles. I was inspired to create the name because I wanted to reach all ages and all types of people.

Product2all caters to everyone; children and adults, women and men, gays and straight, and single and married individuals. The single word “Product” was inspired because in being a Motivational Speaker, people will invest in me,  no matter if it’s purchasing a T-Shirt or a ticket to a speaking engagement. Empowerment is an investment of both time and money. I want to be a product that sells and is attractive to everyone.”

What the brand represents..

“My brand represents builders. I got tired of hearing older people calling us the “microwave generation.” I no longer want us to seek instant gratification, I want us to build our own greater. My brand also represents demolition; which is the process of tearing down buildings, while carefully attempting to save valuable elements for the use of something new and better. The same is true for us. Sometimes it takes a demolition for us to become wiser, better and stronger. It did for me at least.”

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Keidra takes us back to the first day she spoke out as a Motivational Speaker..

 ?My first speaking engagement was at the Boys and Girls Club in a small town called Pell City, located in Alabama. I had spoken in public at events prior to my first speaking engagement as a Motivational Speaker, but it was something very special about this day. On my way there I remember listening to the song “I’m Ready” by Yolanda Adams, and shedding a tear because I was literally ready for what God was about to do in my life.

My first speaking engagement marked the start of Product2all becoming public, and I couldn’t help but shed thankful tears of joy. I presented a 25-30 minute interactive speech to the kids about the importance of following your dreams. I gave away T-shirts and $5 McDonald coupons to keep the kids entertained. Afterwards, I played basketball with some of the boys, and talked around the playground area to the little girls. It was awesome, and I was overwhelmed knowing that I had made an impact on these children’s lives.”

What she hopes listeners take from their experience..

 “No matter the audience, after every speech my prayer doesn’t change. I pray that they can find three things. Hope, the will to do and get done, and lastly I pray that they can find support. Hope, because for me, nothing works without faith. We have all hoped for something, but along the way we lost it after so many failed attempts or setbacks. I wanted to be an advocate of hope because it starts with trusting yourself enough to make it happen. Once you have the faith then you need the “will to do and get done”. This is the hard part and this so where more than 50% of people give up. The will to do something doesn’t take much effort, however the will to get done and complete a goal is what kills us.

There is an endless number of excuses as to why we don’t complete the things we start. We get uninterested or our time gets occupied somewhere else, but in order to be successful we have to learn diligence and the importance of completion. Lastly, I pray that my crowd finds support, because as I mentioned, along the way sometimes we give up, but a lot of that might have been avoided had we had the proper people in our lives to support and steer us in the right directions.”

For those who may be dealing with their own struggles, and would like to build their own greater..

  I would tell those people that the good thing about dealing with sadness,and frustration is that it will soon pass. Whenever I’m dealing with something, I always try to remind myself that God won’t leave us in a bad state for too long, without a plan in mind. For the person struggling to find happiness, it starts first by recognizing what makes your emotions trigger, and then creating a demolition plan to demolish the things that cause you more struggle than success. After that, you have to set small goals, because once a person is able to see their progress, they become excited to do more. You naturally start feeling better about yourself when you’re able to see your accomplishments.”

Product2All gives back..

 “The goal is to create different outreach programs and execute an act of Philanthropy, which is the act to promote the welfare of others, by the generous donation of money to a good cause every 6 months. This is a really exciting time for the Philanthropy side of the brand, because I’m actually in motion to announce Product2all’s very first outreach project very soon.”


The most valuable piece of information Keidra has learned thus far..

 “The most valuable thing I’ve learned throughout my journey in building a brand, is that despite all the mistakes I’ve made, if God wants to use you, He will. This is extremely valuable to me because a lot of us have felt unworthy, but I’m a walking testimony that God will allow some things to tear you down, so that you can build the next person up. “

What’s next for Keidra Head and Product2All?

Everyday I pray that Product2all is able to inspire at least one person through social media posts. I’m faithful over my few, but I’m excited about the growth of supporters God will bless me with. The future holds a lot of Philanthropist projects, and hopefully a continued hard working and committed team, to help Product2all be the best it can be to serve everyone in need. I have committed my life to service.

You can follow me on Instagram and Twitter “@product2all.” And, I haven’t officially launched it yet, so you’re the first to know that my website is up! You can read more about me, learn more about the brand, as well as find out about speaking engagements in your city, philanthropist projects, purchasing T-shirts to show your support, and read my blog at product2all.org.”

Throughout Keidra’s journey, she continues to remain selfless and humble. Committing her life to service has allowed her to learn a lot about herself and inspire others along the way. Helping others see the brighter side of life and working towards a better future isn’t easy. Keidra has a gift that no one can compare. She is able to talk to different groups of people and touch the hearts of many. If you’re interested in hearing an uplifting speech from Keidra and supporting Product2All, you should definitely stay tuned. I see big things ahead for both Keidra Head and her brand!



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