Meet Vogue Binge’s “Artist of the Month” for July, celebrity make-up artist, Eve Chen! This glamourista has brought her unique sense of style and taste to the make-up industry. Incorporating originality into her artistry, Eve has celebrities and clients lined up at her door.  Stay tuned, as Eve shares her expertise and gives us insight on her journey to success!


Who is Eve Chen?

Eve Chen is the definition of an Artist. She’s the Celebrities go-to make-up artist. She’s a teacher, pianist, painter, and a wonderful leader to makeup artist searching for a mentor. The oldest daughter of 3, and known as the most rebellious and talented child in her family. In the last year, she has opened up a successful beauty studio, gained numerous amounts of celebrity clientèle, and took the women of New York by storm with every cosmetic line that she represents. She’s a fierce business woman, with a heart of gold that runs a glam squad set to take over the world.

Growing up, were you always in to make-up? When did you pick up your first make-up brush?

I meeean which little girl DIDN’T go through their mommy’s makeup bag? I think the day I tried to put all my moms makeup on at once, was the day I started playing with makeup. I must admit, I was more tomboyish before 13 yrs old. I’ve always been curious how to put on makeup CORRECTLY, because I see all these women who just draw circles around their eyes and lips, and it freaked me out. It’s scary looking when you can’t put on your makeup right. I want people to like me, not run away from me (laughs). I picked up my first brush when I really got into eye-lining. I remembered this girl in school tried eyeliner on me one time, and the compliments I got made me want to play with my face MORE. From there I insisted on beauty school, eventually landed a job at MAC cosmetics, and now a business owner of my own Beauty Studio.


After working with MAC for 9 years, what encouraged you to step out on your own to form a business?

If they never tried to push me out of the company for “not making my quota,” then O would have never quit. I guess everything happens for a reason. It pushed me to just MAKE THE NEXT MOVE. I refused to be jobless, and I didn’t want to work for retail or corporate. So I just freelanced for about 3 years after 9 years at MAC, took out a loan and opened my Dream Beauty Studio! I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. I tend to just make bold moves without really thinking it through. I play with Beauty and Makeup for a living, its not brain surgery (laughs), but it’s having an eye for art and skills.

In forming your business, what are some challenges you had to overcome, that made you stronger?

Battling separating business with friends. WHY did I try to change it? — (laughs) Who knows. I thought it made sense, but at the end of the day, you have to do everything for yourself and work with only the ones who WANT to grow with you. You can’t make everyone see your bigger picture, when they can’t see their own. I guess I have always been the type to move fast forward. I can’t help but want to make things happen allllll the time! I think theres so much art and beauty in makeup. It’s a blessing to have my own studio where O can come into work and do what I love to do.


In creating Melange NYC, what was it like to finally see your masterpiece come to life?

AMAZEBALLSS!!! Although it came out NOTHING close to my original pink, gold, and white plan; no complaints. However, I hunted down my chandeliers, and those I think I’d have to say, were my favorite investment (laughs). It’s 8 FT! Just to be obnoxious. Believe I bargained my a** off with my mandarin skills.
It would kill me to let this all go. My wall decal painter Junggle Fu would be mad at me (laughs). I took time to design my wall with him, as well as put together everything else in this store. It’s not even difficult to get to!

Finish this sentence, Melange NYC represents…

Motivation, Inspiration, Fashion, Glamour, the natural Beauty in all. MELANGE NYC is meant to be a beauty playland for EVERYONE. We even cater to men! We have on-call Male Groomers, so don’t you boys worry!

What is an average day at Melange NYC?

What’s average? One day I can have a wedding, the next hour I get called in to do Meek Mills music video that same night, or send an artist on my team to cover the French Montana shoot. Then, maybe finish around 2 am and wake up to do a photoshoot for a Magazine Cover with Kat Dahlia. I always ASK people to try to book an appointment with me, but when I CAN make it to a gig, I’m going to take it. I also have artists who do face painting for kids’ parties with me as well or Halloween makeup. My days off are random. I have a 24/7 job. My next paycheck is my next job.

How do you unwind after a long hard day at work?

I wish I  can drink a bottle of wine but by the time I get home, I’m out! I would get texts from friends at like 9 pm sometimes, and I’ll wake up to see WOW I passed out THAT early? I don’t really remember my days because I barely sleep. I sleep whenever I can. You will always see my schedule book glued to me because I have to check it as if i have O.C.D. to make sure I didn’t miss any appointments (laughs).


To the dreamers who are currently working a nine-to-five, but would like to branch out and create their own empire, what advice would you give?

Choose your location and circle of people who work with you wisely. Its going to take a good 3 yrs before a business really blows up anyway, so spend your years carefully. Making a dream come true is NOT hard. Keeping the dream alive is going to take ALOT of blood, sweat, and tears. You will always get what you put into it.

One thing that most people don’t know about the beauty industry…

Its HUGE! I didn’t even know it was that big. There’s soooo much out there! I’m so mad I was in my comfort zone for so long. Everything is about how much energy you will put in to take care of your skin daily and put yourself together everyday. I’m guilty of falling asleep with makeup on at times and if I break out, I’m not going to blame the makeup line or the fact that I didn’t know how to put makeup on. Its common sense, I should have taken my makeup off.

If you pull your eye to the side and draw eyeliner, it creates wrinkles. Think about it, you are tugging on your skin over and over daily. If you put mascara on the bottom lashes first and then top, you won’t get mascara on your eyelid by the time you do your bottom lashes. Wear Vitamin E balms on your lips daily and exfoliate once a week. These are all common sense, it’s just how many of you are going to train yourselves to do this daily? Beauty products don’t need to be expensive to be good. Organic is good, natural is good, and following a routine to take care of yourself is good.

What make-up products can we find in your medicine cabinet? Who is your number one beauty icon?

OF COURSE Marilyn Monroe. Typical, but you can never go wrong with the classic red lip and cat eye liner. I always have to have my lashes, eyeliner and lip balm. I don’t think I go anywhere without my lashes.

What make-up and skin products are on your summer shopping list?

Collegen serums, snail creams, anti-aging EVERYTHING, and getting into facials. I never understood facials until I saw a teensy wrinkle. I absolutely love Rose water for toning down redness, as well as softening the skin. I’m always willing to try products if it benefits me!

It’s 2019, where will you be?

I would hope to have my own Beauty talk show, or at least another location!

Where can we keep up with you and view more of your work?

MELANGENYC.COM ! DOPE310.COM ! AND WORKING ON VIDEOS! I know I know I’m so behind on this YouTube world.

I think we can all agree that Eve is the perfect example of success! She took her dream and turned it into a reality. With her motivated work ethic and determination, she was able to create an empire of her own. If you have a dream that you may not be too sure of, don’t second guess, just do it! As Eve said, “Making a dream come true is not hard. It’s keeping the dream alive that takes a lot..” Don’t let your second guessing or doubts hold you back. Work at it and make it come alive! It starts with YOU!


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