Alice + Olivia unleash their Resort 2015 collection, full of playful looks and patterns. I find myself gravitating more and more towards Alice + Olivia. Their designs are fun, girly, and out of the box. Within their collections, you won’t find your average dress or skirt, it’s bond to have it’s touch of originality. With the Resort collection, the designers behind this fun factor, incorporated a unique unforgettable patterns. One in particular is a multicolor floral pattern, placed over a black backdrop.


Not only playing with patterns, Alice + Olivia introduce funky textures as well. From snake skin to knit fabrics, they allow fashionistas to experience the full effect of adding textures to different looks.


I absolutely adore garments that come in sets! I don’t know what it is, but I enjoy seeing a clean look with matching pieces. Non-matching looks were all the rage, but now we’re matching in sets, keeping it uniformed and straight to the point.


Wearing bold patterns has always been the fun of wearing a set. It allows fashionistas to stand out and create a statement.  When wanting to tone it down a notch, there’s always an option to go minimal in a solid color, such as white. White is the perfect color for warm seasons, making the outfit remain cool and classy.


Last but not least, Alice + Olivia channel their inner androgyny, by creating tailored inspired pieces. From pants suits to a long trench, they give masculinity a who new meaning. The women in these looks are putting their best foot forward!


The sunflower suit above is my absolute favorite look from the Resort 2015 collection. I’m really starting to love tailored garments and things that come in sets. Pants suits and short sets have become my kryptonite, and I still haven’t managed to get my hands on a few. I like the two different sunflower patterns used, and how well they mesh together. Alice + Olivia have just been added to my list of ‘favorite designers.’ They may not be out there, but they’re enough for me. Their designs are quirky, fun, and nothing but simplistic.

What are your thoughts on the Alice + Olivia Resort collection? Who’s your favorite designer? Let us know in the comments. We’d love to hear from you!

For more from this collection, visit! Credit to Style for the images used in this post.

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