All this season we’re bringing summer fun! With our new Summer Bonus, we are bringing back Artist of the Month, Kasia Roginska, in sharing a few shopping tips. As a swimsuit designer, with a collection of her own, Kasia knows her stuff when it comes to shopping for the best swim suits!


Here are a few things Kasia says you should keep in mind while shopping for the perfect swimsuit.

KR: When swimwear shopping, you definitely have to see what fits your body shape. Not everyone is built the same way, and not everyone can wear the same style. I recommend trying as many possible, and see what makes you comfortable. The above reason made me decide to create custom fit pieces. Yes, they will be available in standard sizing, but I’m keeping the option of client being able to tell me, listen I love this style but can you make the bottoms cut bigger or higher etc. I’ve done that for the orders I’ve received and that made clients happy.


It’s important that you find a suit that fits your figure and compliments your shape. Whether is be a two-piece, high waist swim suit, or one-piece, you want to be able to rock it with confidence.  Also, make sure that the swimwear suits your comfort; you’re able to move and swim around with no problem.

We all get excited when we come across a summer sale, and it has everything we’ve been looking for. If you’re looking for a swimsuit that is compatible to the ones you’ve seen in the magazines, there are many options of going around paying that high price. Here’s what Kasia has to say about finding high-end swimwear at an affordable price. 


KR: I’ve been suit shopping at Victoria’s Secrets online for years and they do have discounts, but is it the quality people want? They are to decide. I’ve researched many swimwear designers and many of them are beautiful, but way overpriced by what they provide. Maybe my pieces seem expensive, but when you look at the detail work stones used, which are pricey themselves, and the amounts of hours of couture handwork versus being manufactured, you do the math.


Everyone has a choice where they shop, but I recommend to try to look up where they are manufactured before they go spending hundreds of dollars on new bikini. I’m planning on adding a new line this year, more affordable Karo Teen that will still have done accents of jewelry and beads, but will be simpler, less pricey and easy to wear just like teenagers like.



Whether you’re looking for high-end swimwear at a decent price, or spending massive money on a piece, be sure to do your research. You want to be sure that the quality of the swimsuit is worth your spending. When shopping online, you can do your research as to the manufacturer of the designer/store and the quality of the fabrics used. Going in to the store to shop is even better, because you’re able to get hands-on with what your purchasing. When in the store, be sure to study the material of the suit, as well as stitching to be sure it is of good quality. See that the stitching is lined up and the material is durable. It’s even better to try it on to get the full effect!

So, when going swimsuit shopping, remember:

1. Find a suit that is best for your body shape and compliments your figure.

2. Make sure the swimsuit is comfortable and enhances your confidence.

3. Be sure to pay close attention to the details of the piece your interested in. You want one of good quality!

Some may say, “well, it’s just a swimsuit.” Yes, but then again you want to be sure you’re getting your money’s worth. Purchasing a swimsuit of great quality can allow you to wear it more than once, even for summers to come.  As you shop, be sure to remember these important factors. They aren’t your average tips, but they are great things to consider when looking for your perfect swimsuit!

This post features:

  Kasia Roginska
 Swimsuit Designer
Kasia is the creator and designer of KARO  Swimwear. Her collection includes custom designed  swimsuits, with unique jewelry built in each  piece.

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