Meet “Artist of the Month” of June, swimsuit designer, Kasia Roginska! Kasia uses her talent of design to create original swimsuits for all types of women. During our interview, she shares her love for fashion and journey to becoming a designer.

The face behind KARO Swimwear and how it came to life..

“My name is Kasia and I’m originally from Poland. I’ve moved with my parents and younger brother 20 years ago to Connecticut. As a child I was always passionate about fashion, as my dad actually was self thought tailor. When tough times came to Poland, he would literally take apart old pair of jeans and learn how to make them from scratch; along with jackets and other good selling garments. My mom was actually best dressed on the block.”

unnamed (4)

“I watched him, and hand stitched little pants and shirts for my little dolls from all savages I could find on the floor after my dad finished. It was so much fun. He eventually let me learn to use our sewing machine and I think that was the beginning of my destiny. When I was older he pushed me to fashion design/ tailoring school, which was basically 4 year program with all practical classes and hands down in big manufacturer in Krakow Poland called Vistula. Soon after I graduated, we moved to the U.S. and I did disconnect from trade for a while. Actually, it was on my mind a lot to pursue the career but close friends at the moment totally discouraged me from it. Maybe it was a good thing? I wasn’t really sure what my vision was 20 years ago… I guess we have to mature to become something we want to be.”

Despite people discouraging her, Kasia still felt a connection to her true passion..

“I became dental hygienist after few years of my program in dental science. I did sporadically alter my outfits, window treatments, love interior design but something was missing. I became friendly with my personal trainer who got me to walk few fashion shows for local designers… Something inside of me told me: ” really? Why can’t u do something like this?!” I enjoyed the shows, the rush, excitement backstage more than the runway. I knew I have to do something.”

Kasia finds strength in reconnecting with fashion and following her heart’s desire..

“One day, I was preparing to walk for one show and I got the horrible news that my dad passed away in Poland. My whole life fell apart and it took me about 4 months to get back on the wagon. In mean time when we went to say goodbye to my dad, my mom found our old sewing machine in Poland; the same one I learned how to use with my dad. I think he wanted me to find it there. Weeks later after encouraging talk with a friend, I decided to start swimwear, but I wanted it to be special, couture pieces. Totally almost unrealistic pieces that will shine in the sun and cherish female body. Karo Swimwear was born under the name of Karo Couture. I changed that shortly to Swimwear.” 

unnamed (2)

KARO swimwear represents..

“…beautiful glamorous pieces of luxurious fabrics embellished with crystals, hugged with natural stones and anything that shines and sparkles. There’s no boundaries to my imagination. The suits are resort style, ultra feminine pieces custom made, but we are going to provide standard sizing soon as well.” 

unnamed (3)

 Kasia recalls her first garment created on her sewing machine..

“First piece was pair of yellow tiny doll pants, made of some type of furry fabric. Not sure what it was, it’s been sooo long.”

unnamed (1)

Each swimsuit contains unique jewelry embellishments..

“I try to make the cuts different; some classy, some more funky, asymmetrical, some have crystals, some stones, some embroidery, some all the above.”


Kasia on her father, and what he would say today about her success..

“He was great man, and to me he would probably say: you are doing okay, but behind my back he would be so proud and brag about it to everyone. That’s how he always was. Writing this makes me smile, because I feel he does smiles to me.”

Nolcha show with model

For those who may doubt themselves or may not have support at home to fulfill their dreams..

“Keep going. Never look back, never get discouraged! So many negative people came along, but somehow they did disappear on me– finding many people follow and encourage me now. Many just wait to see me fail. Some days are tough, but if you love what you do and believe in it…”

Last words from the lovely designer herself..

“Miracles happen, they really do. Just love what you do and it will love you back! Never give up on your dreams!

I’m planning to show again at Nolcha Fashion Week 9/2014 SS2015 collection. I promise it will be crazy! You can visit my website KAROswimwear.comThere’s many beautiful articles and video from last year’s show at Nolcha Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Also my 2014 collection. Karo Swimwear is also on Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram!”

Kasia is a strong woman who has taken on a long road to success. Despite the struggles and challenges she faced, she continued to stand tall. With the support of family and friends, she was able to stay motivated to get back into her passion. Some individuals, similar to Kasia, may face discouragement or lack support when it comes to following their dreams. If you can relate, this is when it is time to decide whether you’re going to let it hold you back or keep pushing. Don’t let the ‘nay sayers’ stand in your way, keep pushing for the dream that’s yours! Anything is possible!


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