Last summer, I proposed that I was going to start a book club, but  due to unexpected occurrences, I wasn’t able to dedicate myself to it 100%. Instead of creating a book club, I will be sharing with you new books that I add to my collection throughout the year.

As an avid reader, I find myself purchasing tons and tons of books. I’m currently into reading self-development books, that will help me grow in my life and career. I recently purchased two books off Amazon.  Amazon has every book you could known to man!

My first purchase is a book called, 101 Secrets For Your Twenties, by Paul Angone. I came across this book through a post by Angone on his blog, All Groan Up: Life In Between Growing and Grown. Reading his posts, I instantly felt connected to all his material. His blog is basically a guide for twenty-somethings who are going through life changes. As a 22 year old trying to make in this world, I knew I had to buy his book, because I couldn’t help but relate to everything he spoke.


So for all you twenty-somethings who are looking for the secrets to life and the answers to many of your problems, this is a great pick-up! Although there really isn’t an answer to ALL of tour problems, it will help shine some light on your path through life.

My next purchase is called, Welcome to the Real World: Finding Your Place, Perfecting Your Work, and Turning Your Job into Your Dream Career, by Lauren Berger. Berger is the owner of a internship platform called the Intern Queen. This woman is a very informational source when it comes to looking for an internships, starting a business, and turning your passion into your dream job.  I read her previous book, All Work, No Pay: Finding an Internship, Building Your Resume, Making Connections, and Gaining Job Experience, which I found very helpful when going through my college carer. Now that I am a graduate, her new release, Welcome to the Real World, has been a blessing. It is catering to my current lifestyle in seeking to establish my career.


Berger writes to help all individuals seeking to make their mark in life and start their career. In providing tips and facts from personal experience, she helps all readers build a connection with her book. Throughout the book, I love that Berger keeps it real and doesn’t sugar coat anything. She’ll let you know what it is and how to get through it. If you’re looking to take on life from a realistic point-of-view, I suggest you pick up Welcome to the Real World. It’s eye opening and can change your prospective on the road to success!


Although I am currently unable to maintain the book club, I am interested in establishing one later this year or within the next. If you are interested in it, please fell free to leave your name and email, or contact me at I’s like to put an email list together where we can all share our current reads and discuss the impact is has on our lives 🙂

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