Summer is near and many fashionistas are in search of summer essentials to add to their wardrobe.  As the season grows closer, I will be bringing you Summer Edition segments giving tips and looks that are great for the hot weather to come.  Now, I’m introducing you to Inspiration Interviews, the Summer Edition!


Meet Grecian designer, Corinna Saias! Corinna has created a wonderful collection of sandals, each with their own style and story. Today, she shares with us her journey to becoming a sandal designer, as well as a few tips on how to find the perfect sandals for the season.

Who is Corinna Saias and how did she get started as a designer?

I am Italian who was born and raised in beautiful Athens, Greece. I studied in the United States and lived in a couple of European cities before moving last year with my family to Miami. My sandals are greatly influenced from my experiences in these different cities and my travels. I was lucky enough to meet really interesting and wonderful women, who were an inspiration to my work.

How did the Corinna Saias Collection come to life?

When my daughter was born in 2011, I decided that I did not want to return to the corporate environment, and that I would like to pursue my dream and get involved with fashion. I was really excited of the idea to create and start a business on my own. I am involved in every part of the process, from designing the sandals, to promoting them and organizing the logistics. I really love it. After almost two years, of working the idea in my mind, I finally launched my sandals collection in September 2013, and it’s the most exciting thing I have done so far.

Where do you grasp the inspirations behind your sandal designs?

Women around the world are the true inspiration behind my sandals. I have met really interesting and wonderful people from different countries. My objective is to blend these multi-cultural influences and flavors in my designs and create the Corinna Saias unique sandals. I want to make women feel fabulous and gorgeous all day; from their morning activities until their night gateways while maintaining maximum comfort night and day.

The names of your sandals are inspired by ancient Greek women, which is very unique! Could you give us the name of one of your sandals and how it exudes the Greek woman’s mark on history?

I think that women, from ancient Greece to modern times, are a true inspiration due to their ability to celebrate life while coping with everyday challenges. By naming my sandals from important Greek women, I wanted to acknowledge their stamp in history. One of my designs is called Artemisia, who was the queen of Halicarnassus in 480. During the second Persian invasion of Greece, she personally commanded her contribution of five ships. She was the only female commander on either side.

For me these kind of women can only be an inspiration. Their determination is a drive to make me achieve my goals.

As you have traveled around the world, has experiencing different cultures influenced the designs of some of your sandals?

Although my sandals are manufactured in Greece, they are not limited to the Grecian style. The reason is that I wanted to mix various flavors and create something unique out of the diversity of different cultures. The objective was to blend the minimalistic Ancient Greek designs with the sophistication of the modern times. My sandals are greatly influenced by the glam of Latin American women, the “effortless” elegant style of the Parisians, and the simplicity of Ancient Greek styles. The result is simple, but yet sophisticated designs. I like to either decorate my sandals with genuine Swarovski crystals to give the extra sparkle or blend different materials like the snake and lizard effect leather.

Summer is approaching and we all are looking for the best footwear for the season. What are some tips you have for fashionistas on how to choose the perfect sandal?

For me, my number one priority is the sandals to be comfortable. After all, don’t we all have some really beautiful sandals that we never wear because they’re just not comfortable?

However, I know that for all you fashionistas out there, you think that “comfortable” sandals are not stylish. Corinna Saias was inspired to develop a collection of comfortable sandals for women that are incredible chic with super elegant lines. The minimalistic lines along with the Swarovski crystals guarantee the most feminine look of the summer.

Here are a few tips to help you choose comfortable sandals for women:

1. Choose the appropriate size so that the sole is a bit bigger than your foot.

2. Make sure that straps are adjustable to your feet (avoid elastic straps).

3. Check for good arch support and a cushioned sole.

Also, at women can print the outline form (the sole) of all the sandals in real measurements and see how they would fit from the convenience of their own home! I find this feature awesome.

Corinna’s top 3 choices of sandals for this summer:

I have selected three beloved pairs of sandals from Corinna Saias collection. All designs are handmade from leather in Greece by a family owned manufacturer; where attention is paid to every single detail. They are adorned with genuine Swarovski crystals to guarantee that extra sparkle for your every day activities.


Check the Melina design with clear rectangular Swarovski rhinestones. This pair of sandals feature a minimalistic, yet super chic look. You can find them in various summer trendy colors.

Price: $288 |


My next favorite is the Thalia model in white and pink, which will definitely complement any outfit. The Swarovski rhinestones form a horseshoe design, which according to ancient legend symbolizes good luck!

Price: $278  |


Finally, Evi, the Grecian model, in snake and lizard effect is one of the best sellers. I wear them with practically everything all summer.

Price: $178  |

On your site, you mention that your muse is your customers. The “working mothers, city gals, creative women; who want to “cruise” through life with a cosmopolitan chic style.” I love how your brand is set to inspire women of different cultures and lifestyles. How would you style a sandal for an entrepreneurial women, who is also plays the roles as a mother and wife?

As an entrepreneurial woman, a mother and a wife myself, I can greatly familiarize with these different roles. The life of the modern woman is very demanding, therefore I think that our wardrobe choices should adjust to this lifestyle. My sandals are super comfortable to be worn from day to night and at the same time they are glamorous enough to provide women with the confidence they need through their daily activities. My goal is to create chic sandals, which women can wear to their vacation, at work or to the park while they get a small taste of the Greek Goddesses they have in them! I think the secret it combine comfort with elegancy.

Establishing a brand isn’t easy. How have you overcome the obstacles of establishing the Corinna Saias Collection?

Well, this is not an easy battle and it’s basically an ever ending story. I think the best way to establish a brand is by having satisfied customers. What does that mean? It really has many aspects and its not only about women liking your sandals. You need to have good customer services and a very strong understanding of what your customers are looking in their buying experience. This is not something you build once and you forget about it. Establishing and maintaining a brand name requires constant monitoring.

What advice do you have for upcoming designers who are striving to be successful?

I am not that long enough in the fashion industry to be able to give advice, however my recommendation to any business woman would be to pursue her dreams and her passion, because if you won’t try you will never know what could have happened. I know it sounds cliché, but it is so true. We have one life and we need to live it to our maximum.

Where can we shop your collection and keep up with you?

You can shop the collection at You can also follow our sales and design updates via

In the spirit of summer, Corinna Saias Collection has paired with Vogue Binge in offering a 45% coupon with your next purchase.  Treat yourself this summer!

Coupon code: VOGUEBINGE

This coupon is valid through next Tuesday, June 3rd. Be sure to pick up your own pair of Corinna Saias sandals! Don’t be afraid to splurge!

The Corinna Saias Collection is designed to cater to multicultural women with different lifestyles. When Corinna created her brand, she had a set vision and goals for what she wanted to achieve. In order to become success and fulfill your dreams, you must stay motivated. As Corinna mentioned, “We have one life and we need to live it to our maximum,” so make it count!


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