Through every moment we experience life changes, whether it be a break up, moving to a new state, or even graduating college.  Although these are changes for the best, they sometimes may impact us in negative ways. It’s all about how we mentally handle the situation. When transitioning in to a new chapter in your life, it may be hard to stay motivated because of fear or doubt. Or even just because it’s a new situation and you’re unsure of how it will turn out. Whatever the reason may be, many of us have lacked motivation some point in our lives.

This past weekend, I walked across the stage and was rewarded with my college degree. Graduation was one of my most proudest moments thus far. Although, a great and positive moment, my outlook on the starting a new chapter in my life has been negative. In preparing for this day months before, I had my post-grad life all planned out. It seems all my plans have back fired, and now I am stuck in which way to go. Not ready to take on the real world, I have found myself lacking motivation in moving forward. All of my plans have falling apart right in front of me. I find myself doubting the next moves I have thought of making.

“Trust your gut!”

-Tiphani Montgomery

I can come up with a list of excuses as to why I feel stuck or lack motivation, but TODAY I am making a vow to change my mind set. It’s time to get up from the sidelines and get back into the game! I’m here to claim back my motivation and get what’s mine, my dream! Sitting around and not pushing myself gets me no where, and can only go on for so long.

For those of you who may be in a similar situation, feel stuck, or simply have lost your motivation – it’s time to get what’s yours! Those dreams you have, the things that you have been putting off for weeks or even years – now is the time to take action! Upon taking this vow, I got the determination from author, entrepreneur, and success speaker, Tiphani Montgomery, while listening to her “Get Your Motivation Back” podcast. It opened my eyes and hears, as to help me squeeze out of my rut. I encourage you to take a listen, because it might be that one thing you need to hear today!

“Don’t compete with others. Compete with who you were yesterday. Do better than you did yesterday. Make yourself your only competition.”
-Tiphani Montgomery

After listening, I’d love to see how you have been impacted or your take on the podcast. Even if this  post does not pertain to you, I challenge you to make a step this week towards your goals. My step is to create a vision board, and read books and watch videos of people that inspire me, as Tiphani suggested.  It’s okay to have your own mentors in your head. I just purchased two self-development books that I can’t wait to read. Making your own small steps will get you closer to your dreams!

What’s your next step?


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