A woman is one of the most powerful species on this planet we call home. Dating back to history, we began making our mark early on as Queens, writers, public speakers, activists,  and so much more. As humble individuals, sometimes we may get taken fore granted. Our power and strength becomes looked at as superior, because of the portrait society has painted for many years. It is up to us  as women, to speak out on who are, as powerful, humble, and strong individuals.

Women Making A Difference is a new segment that features women who make  their mark within their community. Whether it be through her career, organizations, ministry, or any form of positivity. Vogue Binge strives to let the voices of powerful women be heard. We must stick together as we develop and grow through life. Vogue Binge’s goal is to touch young girls and women, informing them that they can make a difference no matter their gender or circumstance.

In kicking off  this segment, I speak with my Soror sister, Carmen Gardner. She is a young woman and college graduate who is making a difference right in her town. Through of passions of family and culinary, she is changing lives one meal at a time! Set back, relax, and press play –and prepared to be inspired…

Carmen’s love for her family and giving is undeniable. You can tell in her voice how passionate she is about helping others through her craft. Though she enjoys her position as a chef, it has become much more of that to her. Carmen has developed a whole new outlook on life, and has realized that by giving, she can inspire others.

It’s important to be humble and show gratitude through life. Helping others is far more worth it than you’ll ever know. By simply saying “Hello” or smiling at someone can make their day. As human beings it is important to remain positive within a world that throws challenges our way. Remain positive and stay head strong! Change a life today….just smile at the next person you see 🙂



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