Meet ‘Breaking Out Blogger’ Nadeen! Nadeen is a hardworking women that shares her creativity with others. She uses her passion for food, travel, and culture to inspire others to embrace the goodness of life. Take a look at what her wonderful blog has in store!

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1. The Sophisticated Life represents…

My creative outlet to share with the world my passion for travel, culture, food and art.

2. What inspired you to created The Sophisticate Life?

I realized that my friends and I traveled the world, had a wide range of interests and did fabulous things! I thought it would be a great idea for us to share these experiences with each other and others. It would also be a place for readers to share their unique experiences in order to inspire all of us to Live, Travel & Share.

3. As an avid traveler, out of all the places you’ve visited, which one was the most exciting experience?

I have loved all the places I have visited, but the most exciting so far would have to be Greece. I was able to do many things there including climbing through a dormant volcano, climbing up a mountain to ancient ruins, and riding a donkey up the side of a caldera.

4. With a passion in food and wine, we’d like to get insight on how you would host a date night with your significant other. It’s Valentine’s Day, and you have set up a dinner for your partner and want to create a romantic mood. What wine and food do you prepare to set the mood?

My partner loves Steak, so it would be a meal centered around a fine cut of meat with asparagus, creamed spinach, mushrooms, and broiled potatoes. Served by candlelight with a bottle of out Merlot from the Peju winery in Napa Valley. Dessert would be cheesecake from Apres Diem-grand marnier and pumpkin flavors.

5. Within your blog, you introduce readers to “The Black Bon Vivant Life.” For those who aren’t familiar, could you tell us what ‘Black Bon Vivant’ is and what the lifestyle represents?

A bon vivant is a person who lives luxuriously and enjoys good food and drinks. Therefore, The Black Bon Vivant Life caters to Black professional who enjoys events that caters to that lifestyle. That includes events such as the NBS Black Ski Summit, The African-American Film Festival in Martha’s Vineyard, The Capitol Jazz Festival and many Art exhibits around the country.


6. What advice do you have for those who maintain full-time careers, but would like to take out personal time to explore their creativity?

I will admit it is not easy. If you are very passionate about it there will be a lot of prioritizing and organizing necessary to get both done. However if you love both aspects of what you do-your fulltime job and your creative outlet-you will find the time and enjoy both!

7. When you aren’t blogging or working, what can we find you doing?

Spending time with loved ones, reading, cycling.

8. What is in-store for The Sophisticated Life in 2014?

I am excited about this year! My creative juices have been flowing and there are already so many great blog posts! This year I have several trips coming up to Nashville, California, events such as the Capitol Jazz festival, the African-American film festival in Martha’s Vineyard, another cruise hopefully to the Mediterranean and much more. In addition I have several guest bloggers contributing posts on places such as Prague, Australia and travel blogger contributions on vacation getaways. I also hope to expand the wine section and continue to report on great food and art!

9. Last words from Nadeen of The Sophisticated Life…

I would like to Thank You for this opportunity to showcase my website and Blog. I feel I have so much to share and I am excited to introduce more readers to The Sophisticated Life!

Nadeen  uses  The Sophisticated Life to express her passions in life with others. She shares her platforms with others, allowing them to express their love for food, culture, and wine as well. Nadeen encourages readers to embrace in a lifestyle that is open and free, in which they can enjoy. To keep up with Nadeen and her platform, visit!

Also, catch her on:

Facebook: TheSophisticatedLife

Instagram: @TheSophisLife

Pinterest: TheSophisLife

Twitter: @TheSophisLife



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