This week I had the opportunity of interviewing fashionista Victoria Song! She uses her platform, OfficialVictoriaSong,  to inspire and encourage others to embrace self-love. See the inspiration behind her blog  and a success story that will inspire all!

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1. Tell us a little about who Victoria Song is.

I am a fashion blogger, managing editor for The Collegian and a business major college student. I grew up in Queens, NY and now I’m studying in Atlanta, GA. I’m a very open minded person and I love to connect with fellow fashion enthusiasts. I have a passion for creating and being inspired. I’d like to say I look like a lady and think like a boss.

2. What inspired you to create the OfficialVictoriaSong blog and what does it represent?

I used to be a shy girl with a loud mind. Growing up, I was scared to say my opinions because I was always afraid of being wrong and not perceived as the perfect Asian girl. But in reality, I always knew I was an outgoing girl with a ‘fierce and diva’ personality. Now that I have fully broken away from my shell, I created my blog to share with everyone my style and who the true Victoria Song is. OfficialVictoriaSong blog represents the real and raw me. It represents hope that life is what you make of it and to never give up on yourself.

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3. As someone who has experienced bullying, what was your mindset in the mist of it happening? How did it affect how you viewed yourself?

In the literal moments of getting bullied, I felt embarrassed of being me and alive. I knew I had no control over what people thought of me but I remember feeling like it was all my fault for being an outcast. And I started to believe everything people would say about me, such as being weird, strange and odd. So I began to feel numb towards their comments and eventually felt numb towards the world; I stopped responding to life. At the end of the day though, the constant bullying made me feel worthless.

4. When did you finally say, “hey, I’m not putting up with this anymore,” and gained confidence to not let bullying affect you?

My second year in college really helped me break free from my past. At college, I met so many open minded, interesting and welcoming friends and I was really happy to finally feel like I belonged for whom I am. It was then that I realized there is life after high school. When I came to that realization, I remember bursting out laughing. I was laughing at how stupid I was in high school to allow others to control me to the point of me taking my own life.


5. What is your number one tip obtaining confidence and self-love?

Do what you love and do it by yourself. You are your best friend, so to me it’s important to hang out alone and really dive into your feelings and embrace the pain, happiness or any raw feelings. By doing this, I have found that I feel more connected and in tune with my own wants and needs. From there, I begin to put myself first so in return I could help others.

6. Fashion has “saved you life.” When did you realize you it was your true passion?

I was forced to wear uniforms growing up, so I wasn’t really exposed to fashion at a young age. But on the weekends, I could love to dress up and wear my favorite outfits. Being deprived of fashion made me more excited to wear stylish clothes every second I could. Since graduating from uniforms, I really started to experiment with styles and I loved each second of it. But understanding my style came naturally to me and in this aspect I am very lucky. I’m a very visual person so I know what I like right when I see it.

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7. I must say, you have style! Who is your icon? And what are three fashion pieces you can’t live without?

Donatella Versace is a huge fashion icon for me. She inspires me to follow my dreams with confidence and by having unconditional love for what you do, people will follow. I love her signature hair color and her outgoing personality! Donatella represents being a strong women and I really hope to follow her footsteps. By possessing a personality like Donatella’s, I know my fashion and style will come out naturally. I like to work inside out. Three fashion pieces I can’t live without is my Design perfume by Paul Sebastian (Smells so good), my grey ankle boots (I’m a boots kind of girl) and my Starry Night necklace from Stella & Dot (It’s my good luck charm given by my awesome aunt).

8. How has you platform OfficialVictoriaSong, allowed you to grow over years?

Looking back at my very first post, I’m like “What was I thinking?” I found so many grammar mistakes that I forgot to edit and the content was super non-personal. But 5 months later, OfficialVictoriaSong has definitely helped me become a better writer and artist. I’m always thinking about new ideas and find inspiration everywhere. By sharing my life on my blog, I have become a more open person who has nothing to hide.

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9. What advice do you have for those who are experiencing bullying and would like to overcome it?

Find a hobby. Really consume yourself in an activity where you can forget the world and become an expert in it because when you grow up, you will become a huge asset to the world. And if you’ve tried everything, go on YouTube and watch all the prank channels. I promise you will laugh! Whenever I’m having a down kind of day, I watch pranks and my frown goes upside down~ seriously!

10. What is a quote that Victoria Song lives by?

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it” -Ferris Bueller

11. What’s next for Victoria– any big goals or aspirations?

I love to give myself goals. My short-term goal is to work as an intern this summer in NYC. I aspire to break into the fashion industry and become a fashion buyer because I am an expert in trends. My long-term goal is to build my own brand and continue to help young females gain confidence in themselves through my blog.

12. Where can we keep up with you and your blog?

Anyone can keep up with my fashion journey at

Facebook fan page: Officialvictoriasong Facebook Fan Page

Tumblr: Officialvictoriasong Tumblr

Twitter: Officialvsong Twitter

Instagram: Officialvictoriasongblog Instagram


Despite her struggle, Victoria was able to come out on top, with a positive outlook on life. She didn’t let the negativity of others hold her back from her goals and dreams. Maintaining confidence and embracing individuality allowed Victoria to overcome bullying. Whenever you feel your struggle is overbearing, focus on the positive things in life. Do things that make you happy, and don’t let anyone put you down. As long as you do what you love in life, it will help you stay focused. Stay confident, be you,  and love yourself!



  1. Reblogged this on Life of a Fashionista and commented:
    Thank you Ashley Goode from Vogue Binge for sharing my story. I had so much fun with this interview. I’m really grateful to be seen as such an influence to young ladies. However, Ashley Goode, you are also very influential and inspiring! You encourage everyone and me to stay positive in a grey world! You’re blog is stylishly inspiring too! I wish you all the best!
    Everyone, please, check out Ashley’s blog Vogue Binge at
    With Love, Victoria Song

    1. Aw, thanks doll! You are absolutely welcome. I like how you used “stylishly inspiring”…I may have to borrow that from you 🙂 Best of luck to you in your future and career path!

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