Italian designer, Andrea Lazzari launches his Plus Que Ma Vie collection for Autumn/Winter 2014. Lazzari takes on a new way for men to sport unique patterns and fabrics. He uses plaid as the main pattern within his designs, implementing it was different textures of wools and cottons.  Within this collection you can find knit and woven garments, as well as unique variations of plaid patterns. Lazarri doesn’t stop at plaid, as he also uses houndstooth and warm, neutral colors. Maroons, grays, and blacks are used to create a casual, yet conservative masculine experience.


_andrelazzari_fw2014_1099 1 _andrelazzari_fw2014_1113 _andrelazzari_fw2014_1167 _andrelazzari_fw2014_1036

Lazzari incorporates unique styles of hats pulling all of his designs together. From the modern day fedora to a vintage deerstalker hat, he gives them their own pattern, texture, and edge.

_andrelazzari_fw2014_0577 _andrelazzari_fw2014_1056 _andrelazzari_fw2014_1323 _andrelazzari_fw2014_1379 _andrelazzari_fw2014_1227 _andrelazzari_fw2014_1261 _andrelazzari_fw2014_0865 _andrelazzari_fw2014_0756

This collection uniquely combines fabrics and textures all in one look. As Lazzari takes the change of stepping outside of the box, he brings on new looks for Autumn/Winter 2014.

For more of Andrea Lazzari‘s A/W 2014 collection, visit!

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