The day of celebrating love is near! How many of you all prepared and know exactly what you’re going to wear to tomorrow’s outing? If you have no idea, or haven’t even gotten the time to put an outfit together, I’m hear to save the day! From the looks of the weather, we’re going to have a cold, winter Valentine’s on the east coast. Snow fall has made an appearance and has made it known that it’s hear to stay. Luckily for those on the west, they’ll be able to enjoy warm weather and sunshine. I have prepared three looks that are versatile for both warm and cold weather you may experience on Valentine’s Day.
 At a Valentine’s Day office party, you can’t get as sexy as you want to, but you can still dress classy and appropriate. Due to it being a work party, you still want to look conservative and make a great impression on colleagues. Ladies, even though it’s after of business hours, now is not the time to let the girls out. We’ll get to that later. You want to simple and fit for the occasion. This look remains effort less with Zenzero red peplum dress and pearled accessories to keep it classy. Black is the accompanied color to balance out the look. Booties and a fur collared trench are great for the snow, and a black blazer and pump for the sunshine.
vday office party

For those who aren’t big on having a Valentine this year, it’s always fun to spend the day with your girls! Putting together a nice lunch date with the one’s you love most will set the occasion. Dress in your favorite look of the evening, add a dash of red, and you’re Valentine’s Day look is ready. This Lunch Date look is paired with a black skater skirt, black collared white blouse, and Yves Saint Laurent silver clutch. For the snow bunnies in cold weather, you can rock a red trench coat and black laced booties. For the haute babes on the west coast, you can add finishing touches to your look with a red boyfriend blazer and black ankle strap heels.
  Many of you may have a dinner date tonight and want to woo your Valentine. To save you hours of standing in your closet trying to figure out what to wear, here are some looks to grasp inspiration. Now it’s time for the girls to come out in play. Don’t be afraid to get sexy and show some skin! Throwing on your little black dress is the best way to go! I chose a black form-fitting dress, with a deep v-neck to help unleash your inner vixen. To set off the look, I added red pumps and a faux fur jacket to keep warm. You can never go wrong with a red lip that screams sex appeal. On the brighter side of things, my ladies in the sunshine who prefer to keep it sweet and sassy can throw on a pastel colored peplum dress. The pastel pink creates a girly look to embrace your inner charm. Finishing off the look, I added a pair of Forever 21 white bouble-strapped heels and a sweet pastel pink lip.

date night
Inner Vixen
  Sweet & Sassy
No matter what you choose to wear, remember have fun! Enjoy this day with the ones you love and show your appreciation. Whether your single or taken, Valentine’s can be well spent with a night out or in the comfort of your own home. Remember this is not the only day you should show love, everyday is best! 
Hope you were able to pull ideas from these looks! Let me know what your favorite V-day look is! We’d love to see your Valentine’s outfits!


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