INSPIRATION INTERVIEWS: With Promotional Merchandise Consultant, Marisa Rodrigues!

This past week I had opportunity of interviewing Promotional Merchandise Consultant, Marisa Rodrigues! This lovely lady is very intelligent and knows her stuff when it comes to the Marketing Industry. 

Marisa gives us the 411 on the behind the scene aspects of how she contributes to companies and brands! As well as the role she plays with Westminster Promotions.
What is Westminster Promotions and what does the company specialize in?
Westminster Promotions is a design and marketing firm. We specialize in eStores, printing, promotional merchandise, and design. For the eStores, we control the inventory, logistics and customer service. We also help the client choose their merchandise of which they wish to feature on their store. As for the printing portion, we specialize in printed collateral. This could range anywhere from business cards, letterheads, envelopes, marketing materials, flyers, brochures, pamphlets, stickers, labels, manuals, booklets, all the way to signage and even book printing & publishing. In regards to the Promotional Merchandise (of which I specialize in) we do anything from awards, apparel, CD/DVD duplication, eco-friendly merchandise, executive gifts, trade show giveaways, technology gifts, and holiday gifts. As for our design services, we provide consulting services, brand identity, content development, illustrations, photography, video, create & develop websites, along with the layout and concept for books, signage, and collateral. As you can see, Westminster Promotions offers a plethora of services! Please feel free to check out our website for further information:
As a Promotional Merchandise Consultant, how do you contribute to Westminster Promotions?
As a Promotional Merchandise Consultant at Westminster Promotions, I deal directly with clients and their needs. I help coordinate events, and orders daily. I am also responsible for putting together presentations for the client of which helps them brainstorm ideas, along with showing them a selection of various products/items available. I get to really dig in and figure out what it is that the client needs and ultimately what they will love as a finished product. I work a lot with clients who do Trade Shows or have large Sales Kick Off events. It can definitely be a fast-pace job, but it is always interesting and entertaining to say the least! I love what I do! =]
How did you get into consulting and what inspired you to get into this career?
Before I worked at Westminster Promotions, I worked at a screen printing shop. There I worked directly with clients to create a finished product of which they were proud to wear or sell, and in turn that helped my client service skills along with introducing me to the world of consulting clients. In order to be able to consult clients, you have to put yourself in their shoes. You need to really understand their purpose, their audience, and the overall look & feel of what they are ultimately trying to achieve. While working with the screen printing shop, Westminster Promotions was actually one of my clients. From there, I was able to create a strong & lasting connection with them, which then later led to my employment with the company. With that being said, it is extremely important to connect with your clients on a deeper level and go the extra mile for them, in terms of service. From a young age, I always loved giving others my opinion and lending them a helping hand as far as advise, and now I am able to do that on a more professional and profound level.

What advice do you have for those who are interested in getting into the Marketing and Advertising industry?
My advice for anyone interested in getting into the Marketing and Advertising industry would be to have patience and to also focus on developing the skill of being able to recognize opportunities when they arise. It is important to understand that not every declined proposal is necessarily accounted as being a failure. It is all about how you connect with the client and how you handle the correspondence with them. If you are genuine and really try your hardest to help out the client, you will make a positive and lasting impression in their mind. In doing so, the next time they need something, your name will more than likely come to their mind first. 
Attending the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising and studying Merchandise Marketing, would you say fashion plays an important factor in your life?
Yes, I would say fashion does play a role into my everyday life. 
If so, how do you express fashion in your everyday life?
I try to express fashion in my everyday life by keeping up with current trends. Just like most girls, I love to shop! I would consider myself a “Shopping Ambassador” in a sense that I know what works, what is in, how to stay unique (and make a statement about your personality), but I also know how to spend. In better terms, I would say I am a “bargain shopper”. I love looking for the best deals online and in-stores and “getting more for my buck”. I do believe it is acceptable to splurge a bit on timeless and classic items that you will be able to wear for years and years—but for the most part, I love to bargain shop because this allows me to keep up with trends and also keeps my wardrobe updated. Another way I express fashion in my everyday life would be through accessories. I absolutely love accessorizing, and I think it is imperative to spice-up an outfit with statement pieces, whether it be jewelry, scarves, headbands. etc. I will admit to being a huge fan of anything pink, bright or animal print. Fashion is so fun and I think it’s a great way to show the world a little bit about yourself!
As I did some research on you, I recognized that you are a Freelance Makeup Artist and Hair Extension Specialist. Could you tell us a little about your position?
I have been doing freelance makeup and hair extensions for almost seven years now. I started off by helping a friend do makeup and hair for photo shoots at modeling agencies (such as John Robert Powers). Later on I started doing makeup and extensions for proms, school dances, birthdays, weddings, or for the occasional “night out”. I do not do makeup and extensions as much as I once did, but I still find time to take an appoint to do so when I can. I absolutely love doing makeup and seeing my client’s face light-up once they see the end result! It truly is one of the best feelings! =]

What are three goals and aspirations you have for the New Year?
That is a good question! I think one of my goals would have to be finding time to do more of the things that truly relax me. Some of the things that relax me would be: taking bubble baths, painting my own nails, taking the 45 min. drive to Santa Cruz to visit the beach, taking my puppy to the dog park, having small get-togethers with friends (whether it be for drinks, or a bbq), fishing, singing, walking, and small mini-day trips. I would also like to make it a goal of mine to get back into painting. There was a point in time where I would paint almost every day, and I enjoyed it immensely! My last goal would have to be to channel more positive energy in my life, and exclude any negativity. If I feel as If something is turning into a negative situation, I would like to work on morphing it to a positive or make it a learning opportunity for me.
Is there anything else you would like us to know about you?
I am full Portuguese and take great pride in my culture. I grew up in the “Little Portugal” area of San Jose, California and still currently live there. I love traveling and want to get back to doing it more often! My parents have a house in Portugal along with Hawai’i, and I need to go back (to both places) very soon!
I have an 8 year old doggie by the name of Tico, and an 11 month old puppy by the name of Taco and love them both very much! I was never much of a dog-person growing up, but once my family got Tico—he changed it all for me. I am a total dog lover of all kinds! I just love animals in general! =]
I am also a total beach lover. If I could be at the beach everyday—I totally would!

Feel free to peep my Instagram & follow if you like (@marisazinha). 

Marisa Rodrigues is a hardworking individual, who is determined to be successful!As she carries on many career titles, from a Professional Merchandise Consultant to a Freelance Makeup Artist, she manages to stay focused in life. Marisa is very knowledgeable about her industry, and is a perfect source to seek information. If you have any questions for this lovely lady, be sure to catch her on Instagram, @marisazinha !

Thank you again to Marisa for this interview! 

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