ARTIST OF THE MONTH: Designer Juliette of Juben Handbags!

As we bring in the new year, we introduce you to a wonderful designer from the UK as January’s Artist of the Month. Meet the lovely Juliette Ryley designer of Juben Handbags!

Juliette shares with us her success story and how she got started in her creating handbags. Her passion for her business shines through the interview. Sit back, relax, and dared to be inspired!
What does Juben Handbags represent?

Juben, represents the modern woman, with style

 How did the name “Juben” come to life?

Juben is a combination of my name Juliette and my husbands name Ben = Juben I think it may have been my mother in law that first suggested it.

  I read on your site that your business venture was inspired through the admiration of others interest in your “uniquely constructed handbags” Did creating handbags start off as a hobby or was have you always wanted to become a bag designer?

Yes, Juben was born from the love other people shared in the design of my bag. The initial design and original bag that inspired the whole business was made some 20 years ago when I was still at school. I had never thought about being a bag designer it was simply a school project. I am a graphic designer by trade and I have always loved interior designs but with four children fashion is the one thing that was never really on my radar. That is until now!

 What is the inspiration behind each of your gorgeous handbags?

Really I just like my bags to make people feel good about themselves. I always struggle deciding what to wear everyday, mainly as I’m too busy washing and dressing all the Children and making sure they get to school on time. With my bags I feel that I can have the simplest of outfits on, like jeans and a shirt and my bags add the bling/woo factor that I love.
 (Uniquely deisgner Juben Handbags)

   As a mother of four, how do you manage to balance out family and business?

Arh…. well that’s a tough one. Where do I start?? I have to say that going to work is the easy part, children on the other hand it a completely different ball game! 

It’s tough I guess is the answer trying to fit everything in to the day. A typical day starts at 6.30 Hubby does the coffee run and wakes the kids while I have 10minutes checking emails & social media channels. Once the brood have been woken the house quickly becomes very noise and the constant “MUM” “MUM where are my socks, school bag, blazer, tie and so on all of which of course is normal, kids don’t seem to see what right in front of them! My eldest Son leaves at 8.00am shortly followed at 8.10am by my eldest daughter then at 8.20am hubby takes our youngest Son to school. I then frantically try to get the dishwasher on, run the hover around and shove some washing in.  At 8.30am the nanny arrives for my youngest daughter. At this point I breath, get a coffee throw some lippy on and go to work.
(Juliette’s four beautiful children)

Leave work at 5.30pm and put the dinner on, I have normally prepared this the night before. Madness descends again whilst I try and listen to all four at the same time telling what they’ve done, need etc.. We sit down around 6pm for dinner and go over our days. I feel this is really important and we do this every week night. After dinner the older Children clear the table and put the dishwasher on while hubby & I bath, read and put the little ones to bed for 7ish.

Things are normally quieter by this point and I generally then will sit in the lounge with the older children. Yes I do normally have my laptop on my knee and I will be doing something work related but we are together and they do understand that I have to work for them to have nice things. They will help prepare tomorrows meal and do the sandwiches (only if they are feeling particularly helpful – normally means they want something!) 

Occasionally my husband and I go to the cinema, The gym or to the pub in our village but mainly during the week were at home. I try to go to sleep for about 11pm but its not always possible as I have cleaning and various other things that I have to fit in around everything else.

 It’s a very hectic life we all lead and there is never a dull moment that’s for sure. I always get asked how I fit everything in and the truth is I don’t know myself sometimes, I guess its just hard work and sheer determination!
(Juliette and her supportive husband)

    When you though your idea of designing handbags was just a pipe dream, your husband was right by her side telling her to “Go for it.” What do you say to entrepreneurs who see their ambitions as just a ‘pipe dream’?

I would tell anyone to go for it. If you don’t than all your ambitions will be a pipe dreams. Don’t be scared of failure. It is better to try and fail than to have never tired in the first place! 

What advice do you have for those who may not have as much support behind them to go for their dreams?

Support is only 10% of achievement and I am lucky enough to have my husband. But every circumstance is different, you may not have a partner of family to support and encourage you but there are other that will. Get on Google and find a business support group, there are loads all over the world, so join a couple, you will meet like minded people gain valuable support and information. I Also meet some amazing people through groups who hopefully will be life long friends.

 What has been Juben’s greatest accomplishments and successes since it has been launched?

 To be honest there have been loads, just getting the designs finalized, made and on the shelves has been a accomplishment in its self. I’ve learnt so many things I wouldn’t know where to start. My resent favourite accomplishment has been Hayley Tamaddon from Coronation street and Dancing on ice. Hayley has been papped quite a few times over Christmas and the New Year sporting a classic Tan tote from my collection. 

   What can we expect from Juben in 2014?

Well that would be telling!!… I guess you will have to watch this space…

    What is one last thing we should know about Juben Handbags?

Well, I think everything has been pretty much covered but if anyone would like to know anymore about Juben please do get in touch and I will do my best to answer all questions.

Where can we check out your unique bags and place an order?

Pintrest JubenHandbagsUK

Linkedin Juliette Ryley
Juliette is a hardworking woman and mother who doesn’t give up on her dreams. She took a dream and turned it into reality. Juben is doing great things and will continue to succeed! As Juliette said, if you don’t go for your ambitions, they will only be pipe dreams. So work hard and stay determined to achieve your goals! Trust, it will pay off in the long run!

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