THE LATEST TRENDS: From DKNY Pre-Fall ’14 Collection!

DKNY Pre-Fall 2014 Collection
New York Fashion Week is near! As we get ready for the biggest event in fashion, designers prepare us with their Pre-Fall collections. Many of the lines set the bar for the latest trends to come, giving us ideas of what designers will have to offer this year. If you’re looking to try a New Year style, you should definitely look at pre-fall runways for ideas. Here are a few trends which are stemmed from the DKNY Pre-Fall collection.

Keepin’ It Sporty!

Sporty looks are in this year, from walking sneakers, to jogger pants and baseball caps! Athletic wear has been turned into a fashion statement, as well as a way of comfort. There’s nothing like being able to rock a cute outfit and remain comfortable at the same time. For all the tomboys and women who just like to kick back in a pair of sweatpants, this trend is for you!

All White Everything vs. Black & White Combo
 No white after Labor Day? Said who…no one follows the rule of fashion anymore. Many fashionistas and even celebrities are currently wearing all-white attire from head to toe. The white-on-white trend can be worn on any occasion whether it be to dinner or a shopping day with your girls. You can’t go wrong! Then again, if your not into an all white look, you could make a fashion statement rocking a black and white look. Black and white are no longer colors of formal wear. DKNY has taken it to the next level by incorporating the color combo into sporty and casual looks. If you’re into bright colors and want to tone your wardrobe down a notch, try all-white or black & white look.

Get Straight to Business!
Designers are getting ‘straight to business’ this year in tailored attire! Men’s wear is coming to the forefront in women’s fashion. More women are seen wearing pants suits, blazers, and button ups. DKNY puts a feminine twist on masculine pieces by presenting them in pastel colors. If you’re interested in trying this style, adding a simple blazer to your everyday look is a good way to start!

Every year each designer introduces a new trend to the industry. They give us insight on what fads and trends will make their mark at the beginning of year. With a look at what is to come, you will be able to stay ahead in fashion! All your girls will be asking for tips!

What trends have you noticed so far this year? Feel free to share your fashion tips!

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