THE LATEST TREND: The iMerchandise Fashion App!

The iMerchandise Fashion App!
 Changing the fashion industry as we know it, the iMerchandise Fashion App creates an easier buying process for buyers around the world. With this fashion app, buyers are able to capture the latest trends and looks, documenting them with the click of a button. The iMerchandise App allows us to save outfits and create style boards to share with others. Buying professionals are able to share ideas with their employer or post them live on social media. Install this app to your iPad or iPhone, no longer having to carry around files of papers, it’s all at the palm of your hand.

If you’re a stylist, boutique owner, or just into fashion, this is the app for you! Sitting front row at a fashion show and see an outfit that catches your eye? With the snap of the camera on the iMerchandise app, the look is instantly saved. You can add notes and create lookbooks to bring your ideas to life! This new app is convenient for all in the fashion industry, and can be downloaded today on iTunes!For more on the iMerchandise Fashion App, visit!

What is your opinion on the new app? Does it bring your inspired looks to life?

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