Today is Black Friday and all of the stores are filled with customers and sale-hungry shoppers! From 50% off deals, to door prizes, and BOGOs, the streets are filled and the stores are packed. Before stepping out you want to make sure you have on the right attire and are comfortable for the occasion. When prepping your look for this evening, you want to be sure to wear comfortable shoes; preferably flats or sneakers. When bouncing from store to store, you don’t want the one thing that carries you to be in pain. A good choice of shoe would be a cute flat, loafer, and walking shoe. 
Here is a quick look I put together this morning for the occasion. Hopefully it will inspire your choice of attire this morning before you take on the traffic and crowds.
Don’t forget to carry a large shopping bag to lighten your load of items, as well as shades to black the bright sun. Although it may be a nice sunny day today, it won’t stop the weather from switching up. Be sure to carry a light jacket with you to prep you for the slight weather change. 
Be careful in the streets and stores, and happy Black Friday shopping!

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