ARTIST OF THE MONTH: Graphic Designer, Kei Nicole!


Meet the ever-so talented, Kei Nicole! Her artistry will blow your mind! Read further to find out her true passion.

1. Who is Kei Nicole?

I am a graphic/web enthusiast and blogger who loves all things art and technology. Currently, I live in Georgia with plans of traveling to share my art with the world. The places I am most interested in are Los Angeles, New York, London, and Seoul. I am also the founder and chief editor of my creative media blog – KeimeeINC which shares new, exciting and informative findings from the internet. The Blog was created in March of 2008 but officially launched in September of 2012. I am currently getting ready to make it my main focus and update daily.
Since 2003, I have been a freelance graphic/web designer, illustrator, blogger, and more. My clientèle includes a diverse array of artists in the music industry, businesses, and organizations, both large and small. I am always excited by the interesting projects I get to complete since going into business for myself. From mix tape covers to websites to promotion to logos, the creative process and working directly with clients is what I enjoy the most. I am always pushing herself to produce the best work possible.
I currently attend college to earn my bachelor’s in Music Business. Previously, I attended college for Business Administration and I am considering obtaining a masters in Art.


2. Tell us a little about your background in graphic design.

Art has always been a passionate focus for me. I started as a young kid and was part of different art organizations in school. Drawing and painting were my main focus until I started my journey in graphic and web design. I start working and practicing my craft in 2002 for fun. I would browse the B2K message board and always got excited to see the graphics the fan base were creating and I decided to try. Later, I discovered this was my craft given to me by God. In 2003, I joined O’ryan’s message board and was asked by his staff to join the team as a graphic designer. I became friends with the staff and also O’ryan. Later in 2003, I met the boys of 2Much and got ask to help work on their online promotion. 2Much and I became really close as a family and I worked with them from 2003 to 2009. and were the websites that were created to support the boys. During that time I was able to work with other artists such as Tequan Richmond, The Rangers, and more. I have created many fan sites of different artists during those years as well. I have managed a popular Official JBoog Fan Listing(It was made official by the website) and also I owned a popular Omarion Fansite, Before Myspace came along, I would write on my personal website. Back then, we didn’t know what blogging was and we would call our blog “personal websites”. I had several of those as well and the most popular one was I used to run three to four websites at one time and it kept me really busy. I continue to reach out to other artists as well. Currently, I have an art piece featured in Daniel De Bourg ‘London Bread’ Album Digital Booklet.

3. What motivated you to get into to designing and start Keimee Inc.?

I started KeimeeINC because I wanted to turn my hobby into a career. I launched KeimeeINC in 2008 as a graphic and web design service. In 2012, I wanted a place were I could not just focus on just offering those services but to show my support for different artist’s music and also have a place to post my art and inspirations from different industries. I decided to turn KeimeeINC into a blog and move my services I am gaining my motivation back to blog and create art daily. I love art and I want to show the world what I can do. My goal is to be different and have my own style and present that to the world. I hope people will enjoy as I continue to try my best to out do myself. I can be a perfectionist at times and that is also my motivation.
4. Your work is amazing! Where do you pull inspiration for your designs?

Thank You So Much! Most of my inspirations come from images that I come across and I’ll get an idea. Sometimes, I just sit at the computer and place different items on the screen and they just seen to create an art piece. I am a person who does not like to think about creating an artwork, I just like to do it. It seems when I don’t think too hard and just try, the art creates itself. That is what I love the most, the moment when the art creates itself. I always been one of those designers who did not learn from someone else I always just tried to create and do my own thing.


5. What would you consider as your biggest design project you had take on thus far?

My biggest design project was when I got asked to design a Myspace Layout for Chris Stokes’s “Somebody Help Me” Movie. I was very nervous and excited to had the chance to do that! They ended up making a version two for the Myspace page but I created the first version.
6. If you’re under pressure, how do you stay focused on your passion?
What helps me to stay focus on my passion is to take breaks. When I feel under pressure or not feeling motivated, I take a break to relax my brain and to focus on something else at the time. I feel that allows me to not drain out. When I say drain out, I mean to not give so much of my artwork that I will not be able to surprise people with a new piece or my style of art is always the same. I want to focus more on my passion by learning new styles and posting artwork daily.

7. Who would you like to design for or collaborate with?
I would love to collaborate with Pharrell. He has always been a person I looked up to art wise. I love his style and how he continues to be different in the music industry. He has “I am Other” and I hope one day I will be great enough for him to notice my artwork and ask me to join the movement and be able to work with him on projects.


8. What advice do you have for those who are trying to break out as a Graphic Designer?
My advice is to love art and re-invent it. Learn much as you can about art from the past and present but the fun part is creating your own style. Keep going and to never give up.

9. It’s 2019, where is Kei now?

 I hope in 2019, I will be working in the music industry at a record label or an agency as a artist manager. I plan to combine my love for art and music and bring them into the music industry. I want to take the skills I have learned over the years and help create a new beginning in the music industry.
10. Where can we keep up with you and view your designs?

My work can be viewed on my website at and is getting re-vamped and I will start posting more of my artwork and blogging daily on Soon!

Kei is a motivated, head-strong young woman who has a great future ahead. She sticks to her goals and strives to succeed at all she does. With her big plans for the future, Kei is for sure to be unstoppable! As a talented artist, her advice to all artists is to “love art and re-invent it.” Stay true to your own style and embrace it! 

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