I’m sure all of us can agree, that since little girls we have been dreaming of our wedding day. Whether it be who we were going to marry, the dress we would be wearing, or where it would be held. I know growing up I always had an idea of what dress I would wear and what the wedding would look like. Now, with networks like Pinterest, we can easily prep for that dream day. For those who are unfamiliar with the site, Pinterest is an online picture blog that casts many different photo categories from Weddings to Fashion to Food. It allows you to create your own blog and post/re-post photos of your interest. Many woman use it to find food recipes, DIY projects, and planning their dream wedding. 🙂

Positively, new bride, Amanda Roman can tell you all about her dream wedding, considering that she has lived it. Her long-time boyfriend, Ryan Leak prepared her dream wedding through the inspiration of her Pinterest account. Amanda has a “Dream Wedding” section on her account, that has everything she could possibly want on her big day. After a long months of thoughtful preparation, Ryan managed to bring everything from Amanda’s Pinterest to life. Ryan says that Amanda has always said she would love to “get engaged and married in the same day,” and this she did.
If this is not a fairy tale wedding, I don’t know what is. Do you have your “Dream Wedding” on Pinterest? We would love to see what your big day would be like. Follow VogueBinge on Pinterest!

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