FASHION MATH: Fall Office Looks Edition!

Fall slowly snuck it’s way in this year. Between the hot days and rainy nights, who knew it was on it’s way. When this bipolar weather clears up, it will be time to put away the short shorts and mini skirts. The chilly weather is soon to arrive, so prepare to whip out your tights, scarves, and boots. For business women, transitioning from summer to fall looks may be difficult. Don’t stress my hard working ladies, I here to supply you with tips on how to prep your office looks for this season.

This first look is inspired by the Corporate Office business women who has to keep her look clean and tailored. Every entrepreneur needs a black blazer they can wear inside and outside of the office.
As well as a white button up that never fails you for any occasion. On those windy days, you can  add a matching infinity scarf and tights to keep warm.

office look 2

Many fashionistas these days are taking on the roll as an assistant or intern under a fashion magazine. This is for the business women who are able to add a little flair to there outfits, while still keeping it appropriate for the office. With this look, I’m challenging all fashionistas to try a Pork Pie Hat. They’re absolutely adorable, especially with neutral colors. If you pair it with a black turtle neck, gray skirt, and white leather jacket, your bound to make a good impression. Don’t be afraid to show your personality at work, therefore you are in the fashion industry.
office look1
Surprisingly, many jobs have Casual Fridays, where the employees are allowed to wear casual clothing to work. It mostly consists of jeans, excluding sweatpants, hoodies, and t-shirts. Here is a look that you can rock on those laid back work days. You can still be casual and look classy on the job.
office look 3
Last but not least, here is a look for fashionistas who are in the retail business. A lot of women, and girls as young as 16 enter the Retail Sales field. This look is appropriate for all ages, allowing you to play with trends and look funky on the job. The animal print with blue and purple background is a fun way to spice up your look. With a simple gold choker and white blouse, the outfit isn’t taken away from zebra pattern.
office look 4
What are your thoughts on these looks? What would you wear on the job? Let us know and feel free to send in your looks to You can be featured as Vogue Binge’s Style Icon!  

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