#WILLpower: Dreams Do Come True!

I am so excited to announce that I will be taking a trip to New York in the spring! I will be staying for a few months for my school internship. The most excited part is that I will be interning underneath New York-based stylist, Amia Serrano. If you don’t much about her, feel free to check out an Inspiration Interview I did with her back in May. I’m so grateful to be working with her and learning what I can about Fashion Styling. For those who may not know, one of my dreams is to pursue a career in Fashion Styling, and this is only the beginning. Being able to assist a stylist and to be shown the ropes is a honor. I always said I wanted to live in New York, and this is like a dream come true for me! Two dreams all in the bundle of one!
Never limit yourself to your dreams! YOU ARE capable of making them a reality. Truth be told, they won’t happen over night, you have to work hard in the process. Work hard to prepare yourself for when the opportunities come. 
What’s a dream without a little fear?  It’s okay to feel scared or nervous as to taking that first step towards your dream, but take that risk. You never know until you step out of your comfort zone to make your dreams happen. Remember, you have the #WILLpower to make your dreams happen! Don’t let anyone or fear hold you back from what’s yours!
P.S. Any of my lovely readers who are in NY, I would love to meet up with you! 
Join the #WILLpower movement. For more information see this link.

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