For the longest time, the sweat pant has been looked at as casual piece. Many people wear them to the gym, or simply to be casual and comfortable. This year, joggers has gain new heights in the fashion world.  Now you can find many fashionistas in sweatpants and a pair of heels. BUT, the lounge pants worn in fashion, aren’t your typical thick or over-sized sweat pant. Generally, they are thin and lightweight, designed to be comfortable and fashionable. Celebrities such as Rihanna, are known to wear a sweats and heel combination.
Rihanna in a Oakland net jersey, sweats and ankle strap heels
The thing I enjoy most about this trend is being able to be laid-back, but also sassy in your favorite pair of heels. Who said you can’t wear heels with a pair of sweat pants? You get to explore your inner-tomboy, and still look sexy doing it.
Here are a few more celebs struttin’ their stuff in lounge pants and heels:
Ali Larter in a loose v-neck shirt, grey joggers, and matching pointy heels.
Cassie wears white joggers, topped off with a red bandeau, leather jacket, and black booties.
Beyonce takes a different route in leather sweats, a black blazer, fedora, and brown booties.
Lala Vasquez stays trendy in grey lounge pants, with black patch work. She compliments her look, adding a graphic tee, leather jacket, and black booties.
As you can see, the trendy sweat pant doesn’t only come in a cotton and dull grey. Designers have adopted this trend and upped the ante. Retailers are offering them in leather, silk, jersy, and even a combination of fabrics. They’ll be great to wear as we transition to the chilly weather of fall. I might just purchase a few pairs myself, and wear them throughout the season. I’m anticipating to try the new look!
Check Go Jane‘s new lookbook for this coming Fall, showcasing the new trend with sporty, yet sexy look.

Peace, love & fash

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