STREET FASHION: Back to School!

with Aliyana!

There’s nothing like roaming the streets of Charlotte and running into an adorable fashionista! Sixteen year old Aliyana is highly into fashion and doesn’t mind setting new trends. Currently, she is into vibrant patterns and fun colors. This fashionista is wearing a navy blue and white polka romper, accented with a skinny belt around her waist. To set off the red, she tops off her outfit with a pair of red chucks. Aliyana keeps it simple with her accessories as she sports a silver watch.

The punk rock era has come back full circle. There’s nothing like adding an edge to your outfit with a touch of leather and studs. Aliyana carries a black leather purse, with gold studs down the center. When going to class, this is her “go-to” bag. It’s easy to grab and go, while also being able to carry all she needs for school.

During the summer school year, it may be hard to dress trendy and comfortably, while abiding by the dress code. “Your shorts must be finger tips length!” orders your professor. Aliyana doesn’t have to hear these words because she remains trendy, while following the dress code. While in class, your professor may have the room on below zero. So, you might want to bring a light jacket to keep warm. Aliyana wears a denim jacket to top off her outfit. A jean jacket is the best cover up to have because of its simplicity. Denim is neutral when it comes to both casual and dressy looks. The fabric easy to dress up and down.

Remember, when getting dressed for class to acknowledge the possible classroom temperature and the dress code. To stay warm is class you could wear a cute blazer or denim jacket to set off your outfit. As for skirts and shorts worn in school, there are tons of cute appropriate bottoms. It may seem hard to adjust to dressing according to school, but it can be very simple. When going school shopping for next term, be sure to keep these tips in mind. Aliyana has set a great example for a trendy go-to school look!

Peace, love & fash

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