Introducing..The Nautie Network!!

I don’t believe I have had the wonderful chance yet of introducing The Nautie Network to you! The Nautie Network is a woman empowerment blog created by Tracy Thompson. Tracy is a women with a gift for inspiring women through her network. On The Nautie Network, Tracy celebrates the successes of women around the world! I got a chance to talk to Tracy as she shares the journey of The Nautie Network and what the is in-store for the future.

 For those who may not know, could you tell us about The Nautie Network and how it came to life?
The “Nautie Network” is an inspirational platform created to inspire, empower and influence women to live extraordinary lives. Our mission is to provide the tools needed for women to push past the adversities and obstacles in their paths in order to pursue and achieve their dreams.
I’ve been blessed with a really great career within the Fashion Industry, and over the years I’ve had the opportunity to meet and learn from a lot of very accomplished men and women. Each of those experiences definitely helped to shape my career path. However, I realized that a lot of young women especially in the neighborhood that I came from or even within the schools that I spoke at, didn’t have access to the insight that I was being exposed to. I believe that behind every successful woman is herself…her story. So, I set out to create a platform for women to find the inspiration, knowledge and encouragement needed to write their own success stories! 

What inspired you to create such a motivating movement?

I was actually inspired to create this movement by the birth of my daughter. I remember cradling this tiny new life and promising her that she would never have to deal with some of the insecurities that I had growing up. She would never have to question her worth, her abilities, or her place in this world.
I wanted her to have faith in the infinite possibilities that were available to her.
If she wanted to work on the moon, I wanted to be able to show her at least five other women that came before her and say: “Well…if they were able to do it, so can you!”
Twelve years later, she was also the person that gave me the biggest push towards finally starting this new venture. She gave me the most sincere and motivating pep talk. At that point, I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I was not only doing something right, but I was definitely onto something pretty amazing!


What is a N.A.U.T.I.E. girl?

NAUTIE girl is the character and strength that lies within all women!
She is “No-nonsense, Ambitious, Undeniably Talented, Intelligent, & Empowered” 

Nautie Girl is extremely hard working, focused, goal oriented and most importantly she knows her worth!

She knows that there are NO limitations to what she can accomplish.
She’s also not going to settle for what “life” maybe trying to hand her either.
Instead she’s going to put in the time and the effort needed to create the life that “SHE” desires!

What can we expect from the Nautie Network in 2013 and years to come?
I’m looking to take over the WORLD honey!! We’re working on a clothing line and producing school supplies. You can expect to see books, we will be offering Life Coaching soon, there will also be workshops across the country and within the school systems to promote Self-Esteem, Life Skills, Job Opportunities and Entrepreneurship. My goal is to become the premier platform to celebrate the intellect, leadership and entrepreneurship of women!
As you can see, Tracy is very passionate about the network and inspiring others. With her ambition and supportive team behind her, the Nautie Network is bound to go far! Stay tuned, because this won’t be the last you will see Tracy Thompson!Check out more from Tracy and the Nautie Team at!

“Create to Inspire”


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