INSPIRATION INTERVIEWS: With Wardrobe Intern, Cherelle Beavers

Meet Cherelle Beavers, an ambitious 23 year-old from Quincy, Florida. She was Wardrobe Intern for the webseries Between Women and shares her experience!

As an aspiring stylist, I thought it would be great to interview you and learn a few tips! Working in Wardrobe for a webseries is a pretty important job. How did you obtain the position as a wardrobe intern?
Well I’m a graduate of Florida State University, and my major was Retail Merchandising & Product Development. My last semester in school we had to acquire an internship to graduate. The summer before I was proactive and contacted the director of the show, Christina Brown on Facebook. I told her of my interest in working with them; I watched the show and loved it. I interviewed with them, and July started working with the crew of last year. Once school started I continued my work with Between Women.
That’s great! Have you always had a passion for retail growing up? As a wardrobe intern, what was your schedule like when going to work with the Between Women team?
I can’t say that I had a passion for retail, but I have always had my own since of style. Mostly different from anyone else’s. The schedule varied because we worked with so many different actresses and actors that we had to work around everyone’s schedule.
It’s great to have your own since of style that no one can duplicate. How would you describe your personal style?
My style is laid back, prep.
I love watching the show and personally looking forward to what Miller is going to wear next. I love catching her in tailored looks, like a nice pant suit and tie. Where did you get your inspirations for the looks on set?
The styling was a team effort with Terrisa Flowers leading the way. Most ideas like Dred’s came from her own personal persona, and just the different characters’ style on the show. I pulled ideas from different inspirations like movies and just different things I see happening in the fashion world.
That’s cool that everyone got the chance to work together to create looks. How did you enjoy working with Terrisa Flowers?
Working with her was Great! She taught me alot as far as styling and design.
What’s the most rewarding experience you have had while interning?
The most rewarding experience is the experience itself. Just working with everyone and growing in my abilities; learning new things to better myself.
Let’s fast forward five years from now. Where do you see yourself?
Personally I see myself married. Professionally I see myself running a business, making clothing. Working my way up to the top of the fashion ladder.
That’s good to hear! Stay motivated! What advice do you have for those trying to establish themselves within the fashion industry?
My advice, don’t doubt yourself, you have to believe that you can do it before anyone else does. Stay working, research the markets, stay current with what’s happening and trending. Look forward to new trends coming. And just believe in yourself, never give up on your dreams.
And where can we keep up with you on social networks?
For now Follow me on Instagram @Cbeav12.
Cherelle is motivated young woman who is destined for greatness. Look out for her because she will sure be at the top of the fashion industry in the future. When it comes to getting what you want out of life, never give up. Like Cherelle stated, “just believe in yourself, never give up on your dreams.”
Be sure to follow Cherelle on Instagram at @Cbeav12!


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