If It Were Prom 2010 All Over Again?

Prom season is just about over, but I decided to make a post dedicated to the milestone in a teen’s life. I skipped out on my prom Senior year for personal reason. I told myself I would never regret it, but as I look back, I wish I would have gone. Seeing young girls now getting dressed and dolled up makes me a little envious of what I could of have. 
So, I went on to Promgirl.com just to look at dresses. I picked out a few that I would have worn back in 2010 if I would have went to prom. Maybe these will help out a young girl for next year’s prom event.

I’m really in love with rhinestones, sweetheart necklines, cutouts, and deep splits.
I the dresses in order from my least to most favorite.

Short Strapless Lace Up Babydoll Dress – $139
I enjoy this gown mostly because of the rhinestones and corset top. I’m not a big fan of tutu’s, but the bright orange sets it off.
Long Strapless Beaded Gown – $598
I like the sweetheart neckline and deep split in the gown, but I think it’s a little too much bead work for my liking.
Long Open Back V-Neck Gown – $500
I think this one is absolutely beautiful, I love the pastel pink color. As well as the sheer maxi skirt that hits the floor. I really enjoy the rhinestones and cutouts at the top. I wish there was an image of the back to show the back of the dress.
Short One Sleeve Dress with Cut Outs – $398
This one I really like because it’s sexy and fun. Though I think my mother would not let me wear something like this back in high school, I could see myself in it now. I love the cutouts and the asymmetrical line that divides the different styles. Pretty unique dress. 
Jasz One Shoulder Gown 4815 – $398
Now this one, would be my pick. I would pick the white gown because the white is very elegant. It has all of the characteristics I would look for in a dress. It has a deep split (check), rhinestones (check), sweetheart neckline (check) and cutouts (check). To top it all off the gown hits the floor and has a diagonal strap. I think we have a winner!

Thank you guys for sticking around on my little dream prom dress venture. I just want to say to all the young guys and girls who are thinkimh about missing prom, I say DON’T. It is a big opportunity of a lifetime, that is shared with your family and friends. Prom is a night to remember and to look back on and smile years from now. You want to be able to pull out those pictures that were taken the day of to show your kids. Maybe one day I will get my “Prom Night,” but until then, I can’t wait til the day my daughter or son goes to prom. It will be spectacular!
I would love to see some of you all’s prom picks or even what you wore to your prom!
Peace, love & fash

Images Courtesy of: PromGirl.com

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