Mel Ottenberg, two words, Rihanna’s stylist. His title speaks for itself. Rihanna is the face of the generation right now and is looked up to as a fashion icon. Mel Ottenberg is the works behind Rihanna’s effortless, urban and elegant looks. From concerts, to red carpet events, to guest appearances, Mel takes on the role as her stylist. Mel started off working with Rihanna during one of her big performances. After that, the Barbadian songstress asked him to work for her and he came on board.

Since Mel started working with Rihanna, her wardrobe has just escalated in style. Both the songstress and her stylist work together to collaborate looks that reflect Rihanna’s personality. Mel says that when dressing Rihanna he goes outfits that are comfy in effortless. When on stage, he wants her to be comfortable and not conscious about anything she is wearing. She can sport an androgyny look in the streets and still be able to look classy on the red carpet. Mel says versatility comes natural to Riri. As the confident woman Rihanna is, she doesn’t mind trying anything new that Mel has in mind. As they work together to create memorable looks, new trends are being picked up from the songstress each time she steps out the door.
Here are a few looks of Rihanna styled by Mel Ottenberg:
From lace, to gold chains and denim attire, this girl is a diva!
For more of Mel Ottenberg’s work, you can check out:
Images Courtesy of :

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