THE LASTEST TREND: The Minimalist Heel

I’ve never been a girl to wear a small heel, always a high 6-inch platform. I pledged never to wear anything lower to that, because any shoe with a smaller heel wasn’t attractive to me. Until I came across a picture of Rihanna rocking a small heel. The many minimal heels she would wear were actually cute and trendy. 

So, I though I’d try it myself. I said: If I could find a cute pair, I’d wear a small heel. 
Two Strap Heeled Sandal – Express ($20)
So I went searching and found these! Good price, good shoe. I was excited to receive them in the mail, they actually looked good on my feet! No I’m hooked to sandal heels and want them in every color. What I’ve learned: Never limit yourself to fashion, fashion has no limits.
So now, let me introduce to you The Minimalist Heel. Shorter than 6 inches, sexier and chic than ever! 
Express currently has two-strap sandal heels on sale for $19.99,
they come in black, pink, and bright yellow (found above).
Jeffrey Campbell Soiree – Nasty Gal ($122)

HONG KONG Heel Sandals with Metal Trim – ASOS ($77)
(I absolutely love the sandal heels with gold ankle cuffs)

Here are a few more celebs rocking different various of the minimalist heel..
Beyonce in Givenchy
Gwyneth Paltrow in Michael Kors

A sandal heel can be worn both dressy and casual; with jeans or a long gown.
If your new to small heels, I guarantee you find a pair and try them out. You won’t be sorry, but sexy 😉

Peace, love & fash

Few Images Courtesy of: ShoeRazzi

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