Beyonce Says "No" to H&M!

Beyonce has recently became the face of H&M‘s summer swimsuit collection. Looking gorgeous, she models various styles of swimsuits; from floral prints to fringe tops. Although Beyonce is know for her “bootylicious” curves, H&M wanted to retouching her photos to remove her curves. When she saw the edited pictures, she Beyonce demanded that the company publish the normal pictures. If otherwise, Beyonce  refused to allow H&M to release the photos. In the end, the company released the normal shots showing Beyonce’s natural beauty.
I believe this is great because Photoshop has become the enemy to true beauty. When publishing photos, there’s nothing wrong with playing with the filter or changing the contrast. I don’t understand why change and disregard someone’s body image. Like many of my previous blog posts, I continue to say that society is corrupt when it comes to the definition “beauty.” Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, regardless of how big or small. I am against using photos that alter your physical features. I’m not against Photoshop or editing photos, but I think there should be a limit to editing. Why change someone’s waist size or the color of their skin, when you can hire a model that fits “your criteria.” 
All in all, I applaud Beyonce for sticking up in what she believes in. She didn’t allow H&M to alter her beauty based on the brand and public’s physical criteria. She has a voice and she used it regardless of the outcome. All you need is an opinion and a voice to speak up for what you believe in!

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