So, I recently visit a fashion blog called Trop Rouge, and the blogger was sporting a bikini. Her bathing suit bottoms had a bow attached to the back of them, which was absolutely adorable.
You can view her post and the swim suit here: Trop Rouge | Bows on the Beach
These Bow Bottoms are an original from Lolli Swim. It can be found on the site sold at $69.00. A lot more bow influenced swim suits can be found on the site. After taking a look at what the site had to offer, I realized that a “bow” seems to be Lolli Swim‘s signature look. They sell multiple bikinis and one pieces with bows on the front, back, and side of them. If you’re into bows, I think you should check out Lolli Swim.
My personal favorite from the Lolli Swim line is this Holagram One-piece that has unique heart cutouts on the side. It has a fun hipster print and edgy cutouts to match. The swim suit is sold at $159.00.
Being that I am on a budget, this is not going my basket anytime soon. Though Lolli swim suits are expensive, a girl can dream can’t she. Personally, I would never spend more the 20 bucks on a swim suit. The swim suit would have to tuck me into bed and serve me breakfast before I spend that much money on one. So, for all of you on a budget like me, check out Wal-Mart, Target, Ross, and even Burlington for cute and trendy suits. No sense in spending an arm & a leg just to be trendy or “in style.” Take is from the budget shopper, you don’t have to wear high-end brands or expensive things to look great.
I haven’t found any bow bottom bikinis that are under $20, but I did find a few that are below the price of $69. The bows aren’t as big as the one’s above, but they are similar in style.
Kandy Wrappers Bow Bottoms – PacSun ($43)
Kandy Wrappers Star Cheeky Bow Bottoms – PacSun ($43)
Kandy Wrappers Floral Cheeky Bottoms – PacSun ($43)
Feel free to share any new swim suit trends that has hit the scene. We would all love to have them in mind while going swim suit shopping 🙂
Peace, love & fash
Images Courtesy of: Google and Lolli Swim

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