Rihanna’s Back with her Summer 2013 River Island Line!

As many of you may know, Rihanna has recently teamed up with River Island to launch her very first clothing line. Last season she gave us her Spring/Fall line at London Fashion Week, which was released back in February (you can check that out here). Now, prepare for her Summer line that is better than before!
With collection Rihanna is inspired by the friends within her crew, as she says. She is influenced by each of their individual styles. Rihanna incorporates her friends looks into the summer collection as a way of reaching out to customers of different tastes and body types. The River Island Summer ’13 line incorporates many fun patterns, such as tye dye, floral, and bold prints. She states that floral continues to remain “timeless and chic.” Using the floral patterns, she doesn’t go with the traditional bright and feminine colors. Rihanna uses dark blues and blacks to create an edgy and rocker feel to the collection.

As Rihanna continues to prep for furture River Island collections, she keeps in mind that she wants to reach out to every type of girl. With the influence of what she wears to the studio, at home, and on stage, her River Island collections will continue to succeed.



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