Meet Shana Bea, one of my favorite fashionistas! She is Vogue Binge’s Artist of the Month for June!

I had the lovely opportunity of interviewing her. See what Shana Bea has to share us about her style and passions in life.

What is your name and where are you from?
Shana Bea and I’m from Carson California.
Tell us a little about yourself and what sparked your interest in fashion?
What sparked my interest in fashion was simply my love for self expression. That’s what fashion is, a way to express yourself with the garments that you were. I’ve never been too much into labels, but I can and will put anything together based upon how I’m feeling. So half the time when I wake up in the morning to get dressed, I never know what I’m going to leave the house looking like. My mother used to always remind of me of just how different I looked in comparison to the people we lived around, but I never looked at it that way. So the more she told me just how great I was when it came to fashion, I trusted her judgment. So I would like to think she was definitely was the push that got me into fashion school and do the things that I really enjoyed doing.
What would you consider to be your passion? If so, when did you realize this is what you love to do?
I think my biggest passion is spreading love and light to those who need it. I’ve known this all of my life but it’s more apparent to me now since it’s what I spend my time doing everyday. Encouraging my loved ones, friends, associates, and other people that I’m “connected” to but will probably never be able to encounter. Love is the basis of all things so I enjoy instilling that in the minds of our youth as much as I can. Starting my sites allowed me to do that more and to reach more people than I ever thought I’d be able too. I think it’s a blessing to have a voice and to inspire people to be better people. We should all do more of that honestly, we need it.


Do you attend school? If so, what are you studying?
I attended school and when I was enrolled I studied Fashion Merchandising and Marketing. I truly enjoy building brands, pushing and developing products and all the other greats things that come with that major. I love selling, lol. It’s as simple as that.
As a fan of your blog, I learned that you interned with Jeffrey Campbell, how was that experience?
That experience was very interesting. It was my first internship when I arrived to NYC, so I didn’t really know what to expect. But I truly enjoyed learning from the people that I did. The company is family oriented and very intimate so everything was very hands on. I learned a lot more about Public Relations and how that can make or break brands. and watching ideas go from paper to products was absolutely amazing, I enjoyed it.
Describe your style, where do you get your inspirations?
I’m inspired by everything that I am and everything that I see. One of my favorite quotes that I live by is “Nothing of me is original. I am a combined effort of everything that I have ever known.” – Chuck Palanuick. Everyone likes to believe that they start new trends or are innovative when it comes to certain things, but there is nothing new under the sun. I have a hard time explaining my style because I don’t really know, lol. It just is.
I’ve noticed that your style is old school vs. new school, which time era has stronger influence in your style?
I’d like to think the 90’s has the biggest influence on me. Maybe because that’s the most prominent era that we all grew up in, but I do love it. I mix the old with the new and it works in my favor. I like how baggy women wore their clothes back then, but still looked extremely feminine. Aaliyah and TLC and ultimately my mother had a lot to do with it.
What is one item in your closet that you can’t live with out or feel every girl needs?
That’s a really hard question. lol I’d like to think I can live without material things, but unfortunately we live in a world where that is not possible. It’s also hard to just pick one thing, women come with so much! But I must say I can’t live without the perfect pair of platforms. I’m a platform girl, so the perfect pair is definitely necessary. I’m able to walk these NYC streets comfortable and looking very long, I enjoy that.
Where do you shop?
I am the thrift store and consignment Queen. I’d much rather spend less and look like a whole lot more. Uniqlo, Rag and Bone, Zara, Piperlime, Gap, J. Crew and etc catch my eye from time to time.
What inspired you to start your own blog?
I started my tumblr just to write, and look at things. I love writing and being expressive so much I used to get in trouble a lot when I was younger because my mother would always find my journals, but that obviously hasn’t stopped me. lol But the more I tumbled and expressed myself more and more people became interested in who I was and wanted to know more about me. So I’d like to think the people chose for me.
What is meaning behind the name, Knee Highs and Love? How did you come up with it?
I love Knee High socks, absolutely love ’em.. So that’s where that came from and love, well that’s apart of who I am. I am a lover, a believer and a dreamer. That name just made the most sense to me at the time.
Will your online store, Thrift Elleohvee be back up and running soon?
It will be. When I wrap my mind around what I want my end result to be when it comes to all the things that I dabble in, I’ll be able to effectively put my efforts into all things and not stray away. It can be difficult trying to juggle life, work, friends, and extra curricular actives with out letting something slip. But I definitely enjoy having my online thrift store, and I must say all of my clothes at this point, need to go. lol
I’ve recently visited the Amoureaux Inc. website, could you tell us about the brand and what it represents?
Amoureaux Inc is a lifestyle site that I was inspired to start when I realized how many questions young people have, but are afraid to ask. How we’re afraid to speak or talk about certain topics that most of the time needs to be touched on. Amoureux is love in French so of course, that fits who and what I embody as a person, but the overall message was just “add love to the equation and you’ll always be great.” We forget that love helps and love heals and knowledge and wisdom above many things is pertinent to our growth as people.
I’ve been following you on Tumblr for a while and you get a lot of recognition for your fashion. Would you consider yourself “Tumblr Famous”?
 That whole tumblr famous thing, I never understood or do I claim to be. It still shocks me when people walk up on me in the streets and are amazed to meet me. Half of the time I’m trying to figure out why me, but then appreciating that people actually believe and love what I’m doing. Recognition is a weird yet very humbling experience.
I see that you are involved in a lot of photo shoots. I must know, who was your favorite photographer to work with?
 My favorite photographer of all time is Chris Reed of He’s been here with me since the start of my site and I appreciate him a ton for it. He’s never let me down and I do believe we’ve grown a lot since 2011. He’s really special to me and a very talented when it comes to what he does.
What would you consider to be your dream job and what career are you trying to pursue?
I have CEO dreams. With me already dabbling in so many things like fashion, writing/blogging, my online store and my lifestyle sites, I’d like for those things to continue growing. I want to change the world and heal one heart at a time. Let me not say want, I am and have been changing the world one heart at a time and I’ll continue to do so.
What has been your biggest achievement/accomplishment this year (2012-13)?
Me being featured in Essence Magazine was the highlight of my year. I love Jada Pinkett Smith to the core and she was on the cover that month. So I must say, that was pretty awesome.
What are a few of your long-term and short-term goals you have set for your future?
My short terms goals is always working on being a better me and doing what I need to do to take care of myself. Peace of mind in all things. Long terms goals is graduating from college with my Marketing and Merchandising degree and continuing to build a great team and build my brand.
Where can we keep up with you and view more of your style?
You can keep up with me at
Is there anything else that you would like us to know about you?
Know that I am human. That I fall, rise and cry just like everyone else. I’ve been in many situations where they idea of me is romanticized, but I am am no different. I just, love.

As Shana Bea continues to spread her love and motivation, she hopes to inspire others to do well in life. She is very inspirational in spreading positivity and working towards your life goals. It is very important to instill peace and love in your life if you plan to go far. Many people today forget the true meaning of life. I hope that Shana is able to change your way of thinking in a positive light.

Be sure to visit Shana Bea at the following links:
Tumblr | Kneehighsandlove


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