Not So #Shameless.. Or Are You?

Meet Maya Washington, an artist, photographer, and a voice actor. Recently Maya has embarked in a journey where she agrees to remain “Shameless” from her insecurities in life. She pledged to promote herself shamelessly social medias such as, Tumblr, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. Her ultimate goal in this journey was to break out of her “turtle shell” and celebrate her talents that may have gone unseen or unknown. With little experience in promotion and marketing, Maya has accomplished her goal! She has shown not to be ashamed of herself as a woman and what she has to offer.
Throughout the year’s experience she has managed to gain many supporters and followers through her social medias. Her main social spot, YouTube has allowed her to speak to her supporters, as she documents her experience. Maya’s Shameless Movement has reached out to so many different people. Including myself, she has inspired us to not be afraid to show who we are and be proud. One special thing that Maya promised was that at the end of the experience, she would shave off all of her hair.
Growing up, Maya has always been identified by her hair and its curly texture. She wanted to remove that feature of herself that has been restraining her for so many years. No longer will Maya be able to hide behind her hair and the identity it has created. So, on April 24, 2013, she went through with it….
Maya removed all of her curly locks. She now lives as a confident woman, unashamed of herself and the talents she has to offer the world. This young photographer, actor, and artist, is a remarkable activist. Maya’s Shameless Movement has impacted a lot of people. As I have reviewed many responses to her videos on YouTube, I notice young woman are taking on a Shameless journey of their own.
If you feel restrained by a physical feature or are even too shy to express who you are, a Shameless journey may be an experience that will change your outlook on yourself and life. Watching Maya go through her journey has been an experience and has influenced me in so many ways. I would like to say a personal “Thank You” to Maya for being the courageous human being she is. She stepping outside of her comfort zone and transformed into a beautiful butterfly. As Maya reminds us to “Be Shameless,” remember that you should strive to be the best YOU, you can be.
To view Maya’s journey and keep up with her, visit:
All Images Courtesy of: Shameless Maya

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