Buzz Cut Bombshells!!

This post is dedicated to all my ladies with shaved heads, you are all beautiful :~)
I may be a tad late on this, but I have just realized that Jessie J cut off all her hair. Now she is a blonde buzz cut bombshell. I refrain from calling her “bald” because I feel “buzz cut” is a better term. I think the new cut fits her style and presence she brings to her music. I’m a fan of this look on her because it’s embraces a new Jessie J. It takes a lot for a woman to chop off all of her hair. Kudos to Jessie for taking that step. Love the hair mama!
I love seeing a woman that can rock a fierce buzz cut. It’s very edgy and shows sex appeal. Buzz cuts take the attention from a woman’s hair, and brings out the beautiful features in her face. Though some women have been restrained from their hair, many have taken this HUGE step.
Here are some other buzz cut bombshells, I love:
Amber Rose, Model
Erykah Badu, Singer
 Azmarie, Model
Willow Smith, Singer
 Solange, Singer
Maya Washington, Shameless Maya
Micah Gianelli, Raww Blog
Whether or not the hairstyle is favored, I think it is becoming a trend that many ladies have pride in trying. You often see women with buzz cuts dying their hair of a metallic color or ginger. I personally love the metallic blonde, which I find attractive.
If any of you ladies are temped to try this trend out, I say go for it! Yes, it is your hair– BUT you can’t let your hair define you. It will in fact grow back! Add a little color to it; makes it fun and adventurous.
Cheers to all the women who have went through the “big chop.” Glasses up!
If any of you have any news on the latest hairstyles, I would love to know~
peace, love & fash

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