New "About" Tab!

Who is Ashley Goode?
Ashley is a Charlotte-based blogger, who individually manages Vogue Binge. This fashionista is also “Fashion Editor” of The Nautie Network. As a full-time Fashion Merchandising & Retail Marketing student, she embraces her love for all things fashion & style. When Ashley isn’t blogging or attending school, she takes on the roll as a freelance photographer and stylist. As a natural born artist, Ashley uses her talents to speak out to anyone she can about following their dreams and embracing who they are. With a passion for inspiring and a laptop at hand, Ashley aspires to go far!

What is “Vogue Binge”?

Vogue Binge was created by Ashley Goode back in January 2010. She put much thought into creating a name that is creative and original. “Vogue” symbolizes fashion & style, “Binge” represents one’s devotion to indulge in an excess love for fashion. Ashley has carried the name under promotion of her blog and photography and styling services. Vogue Binge is in the works of creating an online boutique called Vogue Vintage. As of now the e-shop features photos taken by Ashley Goode. In the future you can find vintage merchandise.

What is our mission?

The brand’s motto is “Never Fashion Sober,” meaning that we will never refrain from fashion; fashion is a way of life. Vogue Binge’s mission is “To create to inspire.” We encourages individuals to create their path in life, and inspire others along the way.

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