VOGUE BINGE: Outfits of the Week

Blue Shirt/Dress – JLC Wearhouse
Wripped Tights – Wet Seal
Black Combat Boots – Shoe City
Gold Bib-Collar Choker – JLC Wearhouse

Gray American Apparel Jumper – JLC Wearhouse
Gold Chain Belt – JLC Wearhouse
ALDO Peaktoe Flats – JLC Wearhouse
Gold Chain Choker – Love Culture

Blue Fatigue Tee – JLC Wearhouse
Navy Blue High-waist Shorts – Goodwill
Black Platform Sneakers – Love Culture
Gray Beanie – my girlfriend’s closet

Silver Choker – Forever 21
Blue Dress w/ Petal Sleeves – JLC Wearhouse
Nude Metallic Toecap Heels – Love Culture

Cubs Jersey – JLC Wearhouse
Jeggings – Forever 21
Acid Washed Wedge Sneakers – Love Culture
Gold Chain Choker – Love Culture

Teal Head Scarf – Wal-Mart
Cut-off Mario Bullet Tee – Wal-Mart
Black High-Low Dress – Forever 21

Got any new trends to share or ways to style different pieces? Feel free to share your tips through a comment! Thanks~


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