This week during Vogue Binge’s “Inspiration Interviews” segment, I got a chance to interview a New York-based Fashion Stylist. Meet Amia!
What is your name and title?
A: Amia Serrano Fashion Stylist
Tell us a little about yourself and what sparked your interest in fashion.
A: I’m currently based out of New york, but originally from San Diego, CA. I started modeling when I was a little and as I got older, off and on though. I even wanted to become a fashion designer at one point during junior high and high school, but then later realized I’d rather put the looks together then design the actual garments.
Growing up both of my parents had a sense of style which sparked my interest in fashion. With my dad being from the east coast he came from having a b-boy style and with my mom being from the west coast she came from having that Madonna style. You should see their photos from back in the days! I even have some of my mom’s old jewelry and clothes that are now back in style that I wear today.
(When Amia turned her living room into a fitting room)
Would you consider this fashion to be your passion? If so, when did you realize this is what you love to do?
A: Yes, fashion my passion. Sounds cliché, I know, but it’s true. I realized this is what I loved doing after I saw the final photos from the first shoot I styled.
How did you get into styling?
A: I got into styling when I first moved to New York in 2011 and during that Summer I decided to finally take a chance at pursuing a styling a career. I sat down one Saturday morning and wrote out goals for myself, how I was going to accomplish them and set deadlines. I would even Google and email established stylists to get advice and feedback. Unfortunately, I never got responses back from them. I was modeling during that time, so I had a modeling profile/portfolio on Model Mayhem and being that I styled myself for some shoots in which I had photos in my portfolio from, I referenced to those for my styling skills when submitting to castings. Luckily, a photographer took a chance on me for a test shoot with an agency model. I styled the model using my own clothes except for the bathing suit bottoms. I had to purchase those. In the end, everything turned out really good. Thereafter, I had gained enough photos to start my Wardrobe Stylist profile/portfolio on Model Mayhem and soon after deleted my modeling account.
(Amia when she modeled & styled herself)
When styling, where do you get your inspirations?
A: Magazines most definitely. I’m subscribed to InStyle, Peoples Style Watch, Marie Claire, Vogue and Elle. Lately, I’ve also been getting inspiration from Pinterest by searches and Instagram, by following Bloggers, magazines, Fashion Editors, Designers, other Stylists, etc. Inspiration is everywhere.
(Amia’s celeb-inspired look, Solange, for Global Grind)
Who would you say you had the most fun styling for?
A: Kraven Magazine. We laughed so much and everyone just worked really well together. The photos even came out amazing.
(behind-the-scenes of  the Kraven Magazine shoot)
What are some of the challenges and successes you have overcome in the process of establishing your career?
A: A challenge I had when I first started out styling consisted of not only looking for someone to give me my first chance at styling a shoot, but finding designers to lend me there clothes for shoots. I overcame it by reaching out to up and coming designers because most of them need photos for their portfolio or website as well. We all have to start somewhere and someone out there is bound to give us that chance and trust.
My most recent successes was me getting the opportunity to style Recording Artist Mashonda and the celeb-inspired looks in her Life Style Her video series for I can proudly say , “Yea, I styled her and created the looks.”
(When Amia styled Mashonda for Global Grind)
What advice do you have for those who are interested in becoming a Fashion Stylist or want to get into the fashion industry in general?
A: Network, network, network! Attend fashion events and shows. Do your research and reach out to those in the industry via email or via phone. Utilize social networks such as Twitter, Instagram, etc. Interning is also a good way to practice styling and get in the fashion business.
What advice or style tips do you have for fashionistas out there?
A: Always go with your first instinct when it comes to choosing your outfit for any occasion.
What is one item in your closet that you can’t live with out or feel every girl needs?
A: There’s quite a few things I can’t live without, but I do feel every girl needs a classic white tee. It’s so easy to dress up, dress down, wear it grunge, chic – you name it. You can pair it with anything.
(Amia at work)
Describe your style in 3 words.
A: Simple, classic and versatile. I’m probably one of the very few stylists who don’t accessorize as much when it comes to jewelry.
What are a few of your long-term and short-term goals you have set for your future?
A:  My short term goals have pretty much been accomplished, until I think of others. My ultimate goal is what I’m working towards, which is to be a well-known celebrity fashion stylist.
Where can we keep up with you and view your portfolio?
Instagram: @AmiaSerrano
Twitter: @AmiaSerrano
Is there anything else that you would like us to know about you?
A: I’m always open to helping other aspiring stylists when it comes to giving advice and pointers because I was once in their place before, so if that’s you who’s reading this now, feel free to email me!
Amia is on the round to success! As you can see she started off small and developed her career into something BIG. It’s great to see that she is living her dream. Be sure to keep up with her journey, her name will soon be in lights!
Instagram | @AmiaSerrano
Twitter  |  @AmiaSerrano

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