The Latest Trend: Metallic Toecap Heels

A new trend in the shoe arena is Metallic Toecap Heels. The metal tips are usually seen on pointed toe heels, giving the shoe an edgy look. These shoes can be worn with casual and conservative wear, as well as formal. I like seeing it being worn with a casual look, because it metallic tip spices up the look with a sophisticated edge. Metallic tip heels are also great worn in the office, it allows you to add personality to your outfit.

As you can see Rihanna’s Louboutins is wearing a nude and gold metallic pair with a causal. The mellatic tips come in multiple colors, gold, silver, red, etc. Based off of the designer or retailer offering them, you have different color options. Gwyneth Paltrow is wearing a turqouise and silver metallic heels with a casual look. Her white blazer and heels give it a sophisticated look. Camilla Belle and Solange are wearing their mellatic toecap heels with a dressy look. Solange is wearing a green pastel and metallic pair of  Mary Janes. I love that metallic toecaps come on different styles of heels, and flats as well.

Pointy Metallic Tip Heels – Love Culture ($30)

Metallic Tip Pumps – Love Culture ($25)

If you’re interested in purchasing a metallic heel yourself, you can view more style options as!


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