Style Profile: Iggy Azalea!

Introducing the new kid on the block, Australian female rapper to the game, Iggy Azalea. From her fair complexion to her barbie doll blonde hair to her bright red lipstick, she wears fashion well. You can often catch Iggy in a bodysuit, printed leggings, or bandeau tops. With her a hot figure, form fitting clothing compliments her shape. Iggy’s street style is very risky and innovative, with en edgy cat-eye to match.
 Just like her music, Iggy isn’t afraid to step out of the box in fashion. Funky patterns, retro pieces, and bright colors are her forte’. I admire her style, because I love to see a confident individual who’s not afraid to show off her figure. Whether it be in a bodysuit, crop top, or short shorts, others may give you back lash for showing off your body. Iggy looks pass that and embraces her style.
To see more of Iggy and to listen to her music, check out the links below:


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