A couple weeks ago I started interning at a thrift shop, which is complete shopping suicide in my eyes. As a frequent thrift shopper, it’s hard not to purchase items every time I come in for work. Between employee discounts and putting items on hold, I don’t know what’s worse. I’m giving my pockets a run for there money. I’ve been thrifting for the pass couple of weeks there and a few other stores, and here’s what I managed to picked up.

Vintage Coach Messenger Bag – $10
 Gold Choker Collar Necklace – $4
 Printed Button Down Shirts – $6, $7, $8
                        Velvet Skirt – $15                                    Fashion Night Out T-Shirt – $1
 Black Old Navy Clutch – $8
 Teal Ashley Scott Coat – $7.99
Grey Forever 21 Top $5
 Brown Amalfi Dress Shoes – $8
 Vintage LA Lakers Snapback – $2
Thrift Total: $81.99       Retail Total: Way more than $81.99 (lol)

Thrifting is a perfect way to save money and add original items to your wardrobe. I’m not big on brand name or specific retailers to shop at. Where ever there is a sale or a thrift store, I’m there. I believe my money was well spent. 81 dollars spent at your local retailer is probably the price of a dress or a pair of shoes. 


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