Artists of the Month: Alasia & Ebony

Meet Alasia Allen & Ebony Gustave, our Artists of Month for March. I got the lovely opportunity to interview these fashionistas. See what they had to share with us.
1. What are your names, ages, and where are you are you twofrom?
 Alasia Allen is 18 years old from Maryland, Ebony Gustave 19 years old from Maryland.
2. Tell us a little about yourselves and what sparked you all’s interest in fashion?
We are fashion-merchandising students at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Our interests include all forms of art and we enjoy styling people.
3. Would you consider this fashion to be you all’s passion? If so, when did you both realize this is what you love to do?
Fashion is our passion and we always wanted to do something art related, we can’t see ourselves having a normal 9 to 5 job.

4. Describe you all’s style, where do you ladies get your inspiration?
 We like to consider ourselves fashion innovators. Our styles are nomadic because our style varies everyday and is constantly evolving.
5. What is one item in you all’s closet that you both can’t live with out or feel every girl needs?
 Every girl needs a black dress, high waisted pants, and platform shoes.
6. What items are consisted in each of you all’s “favorite” outfit?
Alasia’s favorite outfit is high waisted pants, crop top, and moon boots. Ebony’s favorite is a vintage patterned shirt and high waisted bottoms.
7. Where do you ladies shop?
We shop everywhere, mainly thrift stores.
8.  What advice or style tips do you both have for fashionistas out there?
BE YOURSELF, [censored] what others think.
9. What are a few of each of your long-term and short-term goals set for the future?
Short-term goal is styling our own shoots. Long-term is become a fashion stylist and be successful.
10. Where can we keep up with you and see more of fashion sense?
Alasia Instagram: goldandpagers
Ebony Instagram: eclectiic
11. Is there anything else that you would like us to know about you?
 Stay Tuned.
As you can see both Alasia and Ebony have big plans and bright futures ahead of them. With their great eye for detail and fashion they will go along way. They are inspiring individuals who show a great example for following your passion. As Alasia and Ebony said “stay tuned,” and watch these ladies evolve. Good luck ladies!

“To create, is to inspire.”

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